do bidets get poop on them

No, Bidets Do Not Get Poop On Them & Here Are 3 Reasons Why

A bidet can be an alien thing for someone who has never used a bidet before.

And there are a lot of questions around using a bidet that people who are new to this bidet world ask.

One such question is: Do bidet get poop on them?

If you too are someone who has never used a bidet before and has the same concern, then this post is for you.

I have been using bidets for more than 8 years now and I will be answering the question using my knowledge and experience in the field so it could help you make informed decisions.

So let us get back to the question.

Do Bidets Get Poop On Them?

No, bidet does not get poop on them. The modern bidets are designed in such a way then that the poop doesn’t fall on the nozzle or any other part of the bidet. Plus, the water nozzle throws a concentrated stream of water in such a way that it cleanses your butt, but the splashback is direct away from the bidet directly into the toilet bowl.  


The design, shape, and size of a bidet seat are similar to a regular toilet seat. When you install a bidet on your toilet, essentially what you do is remove your toilet seat and replace it with the bidet seat.

Plus the bidets nowadays come for all types of toilet shapes. If you have an elongated or round toilet, you can get a bidet for each type.

Plus, the bidet seats fit perfectly on the toilet creating n gaps whatsoever.

Thus bidet works like a regular toilet seat but with many cleansing features.

Retractable Nozzle

Almost all the bidets nowadays come with a retractable nozzle that automatically retracts back once you are done using it.

Many bidet seats have a nozzle that comes out only after pressing the wash button on the remote control or on the side panel.

And after using the bidet, you just need to press the retract button and the nozzle will automatically be retracted.

Thus no poop will ever come in contact with the nozzle, keeping it clean.

Self Cleaning Feature

All most all the bidets nowadays come with the self-cleaning feature.

What the self-cleaning feature essentially does is clean the water wand/nozzle after every wash.

You can also manually trigger the cleaning by pressing the self-cleaning button on the remote control or the side panel.

The self-cleaning feature of the bidet ensures that no poop or any other debris sticks to the bidet or on any other part of the toilet.

Final Words

I hope that this article was helpful in answering the question of bidets getting poop on them.

If you are someone new to bidets and are planning to get one for yourself, then please do not worry about cleanliness with bidets.

They are a much better option than toilet paper and are way more hygienic.

If you still have any questions regarding the same topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

I will definitely answer all your questions.