Best Battery Powered Bidets

5 Best Battery Powered Bidets [2024]: Expert’s Picks

Portable bidets have various benefits.

They help you maintain your regular hygiene while traveling, are eco-friendly products, and also make sure that you avoid relying on tissue papers while on the road.

While they are obvious choices for use when traveling, they can still come in handy when the one in your restroom packs up or becomes unavailable.

Who needs tissue paper while on the move?

Not in 2022, at least.

The world has since moved on to the portable battery-powered bidet.

The non-electric device can be operated easily with regular batteries.

This helps make sure that you properly handle your business even when on the go.

Moreover, these products will easily fit into your handbag or purse.

From motels, outhouses, to airline bathrooms, you can never be too sure of public restrooms.

Take your personal hygiene with you wherever you go with these portable bidets.

How We picked These 5 Bidets

We have selected only those bidets that fulfill the following six criteria.

User-friendliness: All the battery-powered bidets on this list have been designed and engineered in various ways that promote easy use. This means that they work simply to produce the desired performance.

Durability: Durability was one of the core factors that informed our selection decisions. Apart from their long durability timeframes, many of the bidets we chose come with warranties.

Quality: We have chosen bidets of good quality. By quality, we mean that we have chosen the right grade option that optimizes all modern features of a bidet to deliver a good user experience.

Design: The design of these battery-powered bidets was an essential factor that informed our choices. All chosen bidets are ergonomically designed to promote simple usage and good user experiences.

Capacity: All of these battery-powered bidets come with a water reservoir that holds the right capacity of water for a single-use. Apart from having the right reservoir capacity, we have made sure that these bidets can be refilled easily without much effort.

Cost-effectiveness: By cost-effectiveness, you get the right set of features that you have paid for. This list of the best battery-powered bidets get the job done and they also offer good value for the user.

Size: The size of a portable battery-operated bidet should be portable enough to support traveling and outdoor use. These portable bidet options come in the right sizes to support you while on the move.

5 Best Battery Powered Bidets

Okay, now let us see the features of the top five bidets one by one.

1. Toto Travel Handy Washlet YEW 350-WH

TOTO is a Japanese company that has redefined our lifestyles through the production of innovative bathroom materials.

Toto Washlet YEW 350-WH
Toto Washlet YEW 350-WH 


And the Toto YEW-350-WH is no different.

The TOTO travel handy Washlet YEW 350-WH is a portable bathroom wash bidet that has been conceived to replicate the original home fixture.

With this smart portable bidet, you get the pleasure of a bidet experience while on the move.

With this bidet, you get the following features:

Leak-proof: The YEW 350-WH is leak-proof. You can store water in it for other purposes like washing hands.

TSA approved: You can carry this bidet along with you on trips and flights. As a TSA-approved product, you get a pass when undergoing security checks at the airport.

Sustainable battery power: You get to enjoy your portable bidet without any interruptions while on the go. This bidet comes with a powerful and durable battery which means that you are guaranteed a fresh and hygienic bathroom experience even when away from your home.

180ml reservoir: YEW 350-WH comes with a 180ml reservoir.

This means that you have more than enough water to easily wash yourself.

Carry case and batteries: As a true portable bidet, you get the usual accessories to accompany your Washlet. The carry case is to ensures easy identification and protection from dust and debris.

One-year warranty: You get a year’s warranty with this bidet after purchase.

The batteries make sure that you are assured of a power supply even while on the go.

Check its latest price on Amazon.

2. Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer

The Blaux electric portable bidet sprayer is the ideal travel bidet that comes with all the comfortable features that you will ever need on the road.

Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer
Blaux Electric Portable Bidet Sprayer 


This product has been built with innovative features to totally extend its user-friendliness.

With this bidet, you get the following features:

Good for the home: While this bidet is a suitable travel bidet sprayer, it is still a useful appliance in the house. Everyone can use it; You can use it for babies to toddlers and for adults with limited mobility.

Ensure your hygiene anywhere: The Blaux electric portable bidet sprayer is a greener option to tissue paper. This device can be used on the go to keep you clean anywhere.

This helps guarantee your hygiene even in the poorest toilet conditions. You get a cleaning spray gun that shoots out streams of freshwater for your guaranteed hygiene.

USB rechargeable: This is a battery-powered portable bidet that is simply rechargeable with a USB. It comes with a fast USB charging function which means that a single charge session of 2 hours gives you about 100 uses.

Eco-friendly option: You get to reduce your tissue paper consumption rate while on the go.

This eco-conscious and refreshing portable cleaning device helps you clean up properly by offering a gentle stream of fresh water for a more convenient and comfortable bathroom washing experience.

Cost-effective: This is a cost-effective bidet that offers a better option than tissue paper. Its
sleek and aesthetic design complements its performance which simply guarantees some of the best bathroom experiences that money can’t buy.

Easy setup: Compared to the home bidet toilet seat attachment, this portable device offers similar performance with lesser setup hassle and stress. You do not need to install anything to get it to work. Just grab it out of its case and you are good to go.

Soft/strong wash modes: With this device, you get strong and soft washing modes. The strong mode has a flow rate of 410ML per minute and is suitable for deep cleaning.

The soft mode comes with a flow rate of 227ML per minute and can be used for sensitive spots.

You can get more information about this bidet here on Amazon.

3. Mighty Rock Meidong Portable Travel Bidet

With this portable travel bidet, Mighty Rock has introduced an award-winning product that works with simple batteries to produce the same experience as the home version.

Mighty Rock Meidong Portable Travel Bidet
Mighty Rock Meidong Portable Travel Bidet


This is a highly innovative product that offers you a wide range of unique features.

With this bidet, you get the following features:

Angled spray: The Mighty Rock portable travel bidet comes with a flexible and adjustable nozzle that can be angled easily.

This way, you get a high water spray for proper washing and cleaning especially at angles.

The 180 degrees bidet adjustable nozzle means that you can easily wash your body at various postures.

High/low settings: The Mighty Rock bidet portable bidet comes with the high and low settings used to supply consistent water at various water pressure levels.

With a low setting, you get a consistent stream of water supply that can get up to a distance of 7 to 8 feet.

The high setting can be used to supply a steady stream of water up to a distance of about 9 to 10 feet.

Good for babies/toddlers: If you have babies and toddlers that are lactose intolerant, this is a handy portable bidet that can be used to ensure that your babies/toddlers stay fresh and clean after a “messy” potty session.

Good for everyone in the family: With this product, you have a portable bidet sprayer that the whole family will appreciate.

From caring for newborns, nursing of pregnant women, girls cramping, travel cleansing, to caring for adults and elders with limited mobility.

Ergonomic design: As a portable product that is held in the hand during use, this battery-powered bidet washlet has been adapted for efficient use by its ergonomic shape.

All its external features have been designed ergonomically to support a pleasurable experience while on the move.

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4. Portable Travel Bidet Electric Mini Atomizer

This portable travel bidet electric mini has been made for people who like to maintain their hygiene while on the road.

Portable Travel Bidet Electric Mini Atomizer
Portable Travel Bidet Electric Mini Atomizer 


This product comes with various features that ensure the best portable bidet experience at an affordable price.

With this bidet, you get the following features:

Travel Case included: This bidet travel device comes with an elaborate travel case for protection during long and short trips.

The travel case is necessary for easy identification when undergoing security checks during traveling as well as for durability and protection.

USB charger: As a battery-powered device, your portable travel bidet comes with its USB charger.

This makes it easier for you to quickly “power up” the device before use to ensure that you go through your toilet business without any embarrassing interruptions.

A reservoir connector: This portable travel bidet device comes with a smart accessory – the reservoir tank connector.

This is primarily a bottle connector that allows you to ditch the original water reservoir and go for a bigger bottle of water.

This way, you get more water supply and longer wash times. This helps you make sure that you are thoroughly clean and fresh before exiting the restroom.

Suitably sized: This portable bidet despite its large collection of accessories comes at the right size to support on-the-go use.

It has been sized elaborately to fit onto any backpack.

Easy storage: Apart from the size of this portable washing product, it can also be folded easily for storage and protection of its flexible parts.

Two wash modes: With the high and gentle water pressure levels, you get two wash modes based on your preferences.

The high wash mode supplies water at a higher pressure, as the gentle wash mode supplies water at a relatively lower pressure.

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5. Toto HW-300 Portable Travel Washlet

The Toto Hw-300 portable travel Washlet is a product that makes it possible for you to take along, the smart, hygienic, and innovative features of their toilet seat bidets.

Toto HW-300 Portable Travel Washlet
Toto HW-300 Portable Travel Washlet 


With this portable bidet, you get the luxury of using an innovative and smart bathroom product while on the go.

With this bidet, you get the following features:

User-friendly: The Toto portable travel Washlet comes with an ergonomic push-button function that makes the usage very easy.

All you need do is to unpack the device, fill up the reservoir with water, extend the nozzle, and use it for your pleasurable experience.

Good for everyone in the home: Everyone’s invited to use the Toto HW300 portable washlet.

It has been adopted for a suitable use for seniors, women, men, children, toddlers, and is extremely useful for people who have limited mobility.

Two wash modes: Just like many other washlets on this list, this top-rated battery power bidet provides you with two wash modes – soft or regular pressure.

This means that you can choose which pressure best suits you. With regular mode, you get three streams of pressured water, while the soft move gives you five streams of water.

Easy maintenance: You get an anti-bacterial and gleamy white device surface that can be cleaned easily without much hassle.

Portable accessories: With the Toto portable travel Washlet, you get a single AA alkaline battery and a travel case included as accessories.

A combination of function and aesthetics: With this product, you get to benefit from years of Japanese engineering ingenuity, as the product comes with a formidable blend of aesthetics and performance to produce the most pleasurable out-of-home experience ever.

You can get more information about this bidet here. (link to Amazon)


A portable bidet works just as well as the regular toilet seat attachment that you have in your home. The difference between the regular toilet attachment and the portable option is their purpose and function.

Apart from these obvious features, they usually do the same thing.

The best battery-powered bidets are the most recommended options that will provide the most excellent performance.

They usually come with user-friendly features to ensure that you stay clean and fresh while traveling.

They have all been adapted for mobile usage with batteries, compact size, sufficient storage, and lightweight being some of the core features of these portable sanitary products.