best bidets under 100$

5 Best Bidets Under 100$ [2024]

Bidets are replacing toilet paper and faucets as a more eco-friendly option. For those who are looking into adopting this alternative, here are the top 5 bidets in the American Market.

5 Best bidets Under 100$

Let us jump on to the list of the bidets that are entry-level but a great option to be your first bidet.

Brondell Swash Non-Electric EcoSeat S101

Brondell is a reputed name when it comes to plumbing and toilet equipment. Brondell products are state of the art and worth every penny that you spend.

With cutting-edge technology used to craft their products, their products are generous to your pocket and to the environment.

Brondell Swash EcoSeat S101
Brondell Swash EcoSeat S101

The Brondell Swash Non-Electric Seat is one of the company’s revolutionary products. Coming in 2 models – the S101, and the S102, this bidet is packed to the brim with features, apart from the hygienic seat warming that it provides. It tops this list.

Here’s what the Brondell Swash Non-Electric Seat offers to its customers –

A Refreshing Cleaning Experience: The Brondell EcoSeat 101 guarantees a rejuvenating cleaning experience for every single wash.

The water is maintained at ambient temperature and maintained fresh for each wash.

Parts of Premium Quality: Brondell uses parts that are of top quality for their products, and it is no exception to it.

It has dual nozzles for a perfect front and rear wash. The lid hinge is designed to close softly, and the lid is sturdy and comfortable for seating.

Easy Installation:  This bidet is designed to be fit by you at home with the tools you commonly have at home. A plumber is not needed to conduct the installation. With its dimensions being 18. 47” x 14. 34” x 2. 55”, this bidet is sure to fit on most toilets.

Eco-Friendly Design: The round and elongated variants of The Brondell Swash do not require any electricity or battery for a power supply.

In addition, its water jets are controlled to minimize water usage. The average use of toilet paper is equal to 150 washes on Brondell’s products.

Unique Features: The structure is designed to carry hot water under high pressure.

Fewer parts, and the quality of ceramic used, renders it to be safe from cracking and breaking under these conditions. It also has a backflow preventer.

You can check this bidet out here.


Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet

Tushy and its products have been a game-changer in the eco-friendly bidet industry. With their competitive pricing, and their intent to reduce carbon footprint, their products are top-notch for environment-friendly alternatives to toilet hygiene.

Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet
Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet 

The Tushy Classic 3.0 is designed to give you a comfortable experience, and it has also added increased functional options to tweak the settings for a perfect wash.

Here are the features that it offers –

Modifiable Control Settings: The Tushy Classic 3.0 provides knobs to control the temperature of the water, the pressure, and the angle at which the jet sprays. These knobs are made out of sustainable materials like brass metal or bamboo.
Easy To Clean: This bidet is slimmer than its other counterparts. Then knobs have been finished in such a way that oil and fingerprint stains cannot be found on them. It is also reinforced with the Shmutz ShieldTM that prevents slime and scaling to collect and the Smart SprayTM technology that automatically cleans the pipes during each wash.
Easy To Install: It comes with a company guarantee that it can be installed at home by the buyer in 8½ minutes without the use of tools or the aid of a plumber.
Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Tushy has vowed to reduce carbon footprint one wash at a time, and this product is a true example of this motto. The materials used are either recyclable or biodegradable. The water is gauged and released from the nozzle in order to prevent wastage.

Universally Compatible: The Tushy Classic 3.0 is designed to be compatible with all modern toilets, and therefore, you need not worry about the model that has been fitted in your house.

Click here to check out this bidet.

Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Round Manual Bidet

Kohler has established itself as the market leader, and a household name in the industry. State of the art design, quality of the highest standards, pocket-friendly price tags, you name it and Kohler has it all to offer.

Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Round Manual Bidet
Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Round Manual Bidet

Their flagship product in the eco-friendly sector – The Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Round Manual Bidet, is a product to behold. Loaded with a myriad of features, here is what it has to offer –

Single Wand For Magical Control: This bidet has a single wand to the side to control the angulation, pressure, and ambient temperature. It is manually operated and requires no power supply.

Ergonomically designed seats: Be it the round variant or the elongated one, the Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide has a soft closing lid, to prevent damage from banging shut. The seats are comfortable to sit on thanks to their design.
Self Cleaning Mechanism: This mechanism allows the pipes of the jet, and the wand to clean themselves after every wash, saving you the time and effort to get a plumber to do so.
Easy To Install: The Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide has a quick attach hardware for easy latching and a quick-release hinge for easy removal. The installation does not require any additional tools, and all the pipes needed for connecting it are a part of the package.
Friendly To The Environment: The wand, along with the controlled water jet, and the lack of an external power supply make it a comparatively environmentally friendly option compared to faucets or toilet paper.

You can check this product out here.

BioBidet SlimEdge

Bio Bidet has rapidly stepped up the ranks of bidet manufacturers to become a renowned name.

When people buy a bidet from them, customers are assured of nothing less than the best.

BioBidet SlimEdge
BioBidet SlimEdge 

The BioBidet SlimeEdge is a market leader in its price range and offers some of the widest range of features.

This is one of the most value-for-money products on the list.

Here is what it has to offer –
Crisp Design: Apart from the obvious eco-friendly design that it has, the BioBidet SlimEdge is significantly slimmer than its competition in the industry. It is 50% more sleek as compared to other bidets.

Dual Nozzle Spray: This bidet has a dual nozzle spray for front and rear washes. The force of the spray is responsive to the pressure controls on the handle and differs for men and women.

Easy Installation and Durability: BioBidet is easy to install by any homeowner, and has loaded their product with a brass valve and inlet, alongside a braided metal water supply hose and certified built-in check valve.

This confers additional durability.

Comfortable Handle To Hold: The comfort grip pressure control knob allows the customer to physically feel each level up as they increase the pressure with the dial.

The gripping is also easy and does not require any contortion to reach.

Seat Bumpers: The SlimEdge has seat bumpers so as to prevent any damage on impact to the seat or the commode.

Most other bidets lack this feature.

Value for money: Amongst all the other eco-friendly bidets, the BioBidet SlimEdge has the least pricing, approximately half of its competitors.

This makes it an option to consider.

All details about it can be found here.

American Standard Aqua Wash

American Standard is another flagship brand in the US known for its quality products in bidets and other home and toilet essentials. It is conventionally accepted as one of the leading companies in the business.

American Standard Aqua Wash
American Standard Aqua Wash 

Their star product, the American Standard 5900A05G.020 Aqua Wash is the definition of simplicity packed with quality. Here is what sets this bidet apart –

● Detachable Spray Nozzles – This bidet features water pressured bidet seat with spray patterns customized to your needs and detachable nozzles.
● Sturdy And Safely Closing Seats – The hinges are designed to ensure that the seat closes slowly to prevent any impact damage, and it can withstand heavyweights as well.
● Easy to Remove – In order to make it easy to detach and clean, American Standard has incorporated a one-button push. This makes removing and attaching very convenient.
● Unique Design – It has a telescoping lid to conceal the ring, and its top mount attachment makes it easy to install.

You can find more about these here.


So these are the top 5 best bidets under 100$. If you are unsure about and don’t want to spend a huge amount on more expensive bidets, then these bidets are for you.

These bidets are not only budget-friendly but have all most all the essential features that the bidets should have.

Let us know which bidet you liked the most in the comment section.


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