Best Left Handed Bidets

5 Best Left Handed Bidets [2024]: With Feature Comparison Table

Most of the standard bidets that are available in the market nowadays are right-handed. Meaning the controls of the bidet are on the right side of the bidet.

Though it is fine for all right-handed people, left-handed people do face problems when using them.

Best Bidet For Left Handed People

Image Bidet Features Size Check Price
Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Remote control, warm water, 4 washing modes 20.8 x 15.9 x 6.4 inches
Brondell SouthSpa Self-cleaning, easy installation, adjustable nozzle ‎17 x 10 x 4.5 inches
Toiletico Deluxe Bidet Water pressure control, great built quality ‎13.78 x 5.71 x 2.56 inches
Genie Left Handed Bidet Sleek design, Fits all toilets, Multiple nozzles ‎16.54 x 7.36 x 3.82 inches
SonTiy handheld bidet Easy operation, incremental pressure control ‎8.35 x 6.81 x 3.43 inches


But there are some bidets that are specifically made for left-handed people.

And some of the best bidets for left handed people are Brondell SouthSpa, Genie Left Handed Bidet, Toiletico Delux, and Alpha iX.

In this post, we have listed down 5 bidets that will be the perfect options for you if you are left handed.

Let us see the features of each bidet one by one.

Best Left Handed Bidets

Okay, let get started with the list. In this list, some bidets are eclectic operated, while others are non-electric. Some have remote control operations while others are manually operated.

Look for the bidet that fits your requirements and at the same time fits your budget. That way you will get the most bang for your bucks.

Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat

Well, the main problem with a standard bidet is the control being on the right side of the bidet.

But what if the bidet has a remote control?

Well, the Alpha iX is one such bidet that comes with remote control and can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people alike.

Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat
Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat 

The Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet toilet seat is a premium and affordable product that really stands out from the pack of ordinary bidet toilet seats.

This product comes with a durable build which is complemented by high-end features.

The Alpha iX Hybrid is a premium and affordable bidet toilet seat. It is very popular for its high quality and versatility.

It comes with different ranges of features like:

Energy-efficient system: The Alpha iX Hybrid toilet seat prides itself on a hybrid heating system that has excellent energy efficiency.

It is built with a sophisticated ceramic core heating design which is used to supply unlimited heated water from the beginning to the end.

3 distinct wash modes: The hybrid bidet toilet seat has been ergonomically designed to come in three different wash modes.

This means that you have the normal rear wash mode, a front side feminine wash mode, and one more rear wash mode that has a narrower water stream.

LED Nightlight: This bidet has been equipped with a blue neon light to help usage at night.

The LED nightlight feature is the perfect feature to help light up the toilet bowl while wowing your guests at the same time.

Eco-friendly Warm air dryer: This high-end bidet is equipped with a warm air dryer with a temperature that can be adjusted easily.

This dryer has been included to help cater to users who are unable to wipe their rear parts.

It is also suitable for eco-conscious users who prefer not to use toilet paper.

Specially designed product: The Alpha iX Hybrid is a bidet seat that comes with a beautiful design which is a trademark feature for all of Alpha Bidet’s products.

You get a well-designed product with all the necessary contours to help improve its aesthetic features.

Wireless remote: The wireless remote of the product has been designed to provide a more convenient usage of the product.

It comes with aesthetic buttons which make operation a lot easier.

It can be easily mounted on the wall on both sides of the tank.

You can find more about this product here.

Brondell SouthSpa Left Hand Bidet Attachment

Brondell is a known brand in the making of premium and quality home products.

They are known for the use of high-quality materials for all their home products.

With the SouthSpa bidet, they have created a toilet accessory that many left-handed people will find highly useful.

Brondell SouthSpa Left Hand Bidet Attachment
Brondell SouthSpa Left Hand Bidet Attachment 

The left-handed Brondell SouthSpa bidet attachment is a dual temp and dual nozzle bidet that has been made with quality materials.

They also ensure ease of use and durability so that users get enough value when they install them in their toilets.

This left-handed bidet comes with features like:

Easy installation: This bidet attachment comes with the right features to support easy installation.

It has been built in such a way that installation is quick and easy.

The inclusion of all accessories means that users get to install the attachment easily to their toilets without professional help.

Adjustable water pressure: The Brondell SouthSpa bidet attachment has been made to come with a lever that makes it simple to adjust the water pressure.

This means that you get various water pressure levels for different purposes.

Self-cleaning feature: As a feature to help simplify the use of the home product, the bidet attachment comes with a nozzle feature that can be cleaned by itself without any external help.

High-quality material: This bidet attachment is made from high-quality ABS material that is usually used for the production of delicate and essential home products.

ABS materials are used for the production of the full-body panel of this bidet attachment. This ensures the long life of the bidet.

Adjustable nozzles: The nozzle of this bidet attachment can be positioned at various angles to provide water from certain angles when be used.

The nozzle has an easily adjustable feature that allows it to produce water at certain positions.

Easy maintenance: The bidet does not need any rigorous maintenance routine.

It can be cleaned easily with water, a mild soap, and a soft cloth without any professional help.

Click here to learn more about this bidet. (link to Amazon)

Toiletico Non Electric Deluxe Bidet

The Toiletico deluxe Bidet is a US-patented left-handed toilet seat bidet that brings the best of European luxury to your home.

This is an easily adjustable bidet that provides the most excellent way to clean up after using the toilet.

Toiletico Non Electric Deluxe Bidet
Toiletico Non Electric Deluxe Bidet

This left-handed bidet has been created particularly for left-handed people.

The Toiletico deluxe Bidet brand offers the best there is to European toilet luxury.

It comes with such features like:

Versatility: The Toiletico deluxe Bidet is a left-hand US-patented bidet that comes with an easily adjustable setting.

This highly adaptable feature makes the toilet fixture suitable for many types of toilets.

Easy Installation: The Toiletico deluxe bidet comes with a unique design.

This means that it can easily be fitted with any type of toilet.

It has been produced to seamlessly integrate with any existing plumbing system.

Due to the ease of installation, you only need a few minutes to install this left-handed bidet.

Quality materials: Toiletico ensured that they have used the best materials for this bidet.

This means that it was built to last as it was created from the best materials in the marketplace.

All metallic parts have been designed to provide reliability while also preventing water leakages.

World-class aesthetics and ergonomics: The Toiletico deluxe bidet has been designed elaborately to look pleasing to the eyes.

Its aesthetic value complements the look of the toilet.

It has also been ergonomically designed for enhanced performance.

Good for special circumstances: This brand is especially friendly to women as it comes with many health benefits.

It can be used by left-handed people with medical problems or with mothers who just delivered a baby.

Easy water pressure adjustment: As a premium toilet fixture, this US-patented left-hand toilet bidet comes with a valve that helps adjust the pressure of the water.

This means that the water gets adjusted from a gentle flow to a strong flow to help optimize the comfort of the user.

Click here to learn more about this bidet on Amazon.

Genie Left Handed Bidet

The all-new Genie Bidet attachment is a décor bidet that has been purposely created for left-handed people.

Genie Bidet has produced this bidet attachment to have all the right features to promote easy usage for left-handed people.

Genie Left Handed Bidet
Genie Left Handed Bidet

The premium home product is highly affordable and will work easily in most toilets.

The newly improved Genie Bidet comes with such features like:

A sleek design: This new bidet attachment comes with a sleek and beautiful design that looks unobtrusive.

The design of the bidet is such that it enhances the ease of use of the bidet as well as amplifies the functional performance of the product.

Adjustable water pressure: The bidet comes with a simple function that allows the users to easily adjust the spray intensity of water.

You get soft, intermediate, to strong water sprays by simply twisting the knob to the desired direction.

Special nozzles: This left-handed Genie Bidet attachment comes with specially produced nozzles that enhance rear and feminine cleansing.

Highly versatile: This elaborate toilet attachment has been produced ergonomically to be used on a wide range of toilets.

It comes with universal attachment features that make it useful and compatible with all types of toilets.

Elaborate nozzle function: To help ensure the perfect cleansing operation for the health of the user, the nozzle elaborately extends from under the toilet seat to produce refreshing water that can be used for an elaborate cleansing procedure.

This appropriate nozzle function totally eliminates the need for toilet paper.

Retractable nozzles: This product comes with retractable nozzles that neatly extend forward during use and neatly retract inside when not in use.

Easy installation: Included with all the installation hardware you would ever need, this bidet attachment comes with a simple installation set-up that ensures DIYers will not have any problem with the setup process.

Learn more about this bidet on Amazon.

SonTiy Handheld Bidet Sprayer

The SonTiy handheld bidet sprayer is one of the best products in its category.

The manufacturers of the product create a purposeful and multifunctional product to ensure simple and effective residential use.

SonTiy Handheld Bidet Sprayer
SonTiy Handheld Bidet Sprayer

It is a product that is made from high-grade materials.

As a premium toilet product, it comes at a low price which makes it affordable for many people.

The handheld bidet attachment comes with such features like:

Rotary Switch: This SonTiy handheld bidet sprayer comes with a rotary switch. This helps produce comfortability and convenience.

Compared to holding down the switch for a long time, the rotary switch promotes user-friendliness.

You simply rotate the switch to your required water pressure and enjoy.

Strong brass design: The body structure of the SonTiy handheld bidet sprayer comes with premium brass which promotes quality and durability.

The Brass fixture comes with 2 inches of fine threaded joints which are used to create tight joint connections without any leakages.

Double mounting options: Depending on the preferences of the house owner, this SonTiy handheld bidet sprayer comes with double mounting options.

The handheld bidet can be mounted easily as a toilet tank-mounted fixture or a wall-mounted fixture.

Adjustable spray function: The SonTiy handheld bidet sprayer comes with a feature that is used to control both the pressure and the water flow.

This feature is used to adjust the spray of the water to various cleansing operations.

Good for personal hygiene: This SonTiy handheld bidet sprayer comes with a handheld feature that allows you to direct the water spray towards the area you are cleaning.

This is used to promote personal hygiene for all users of the home product.

It totally eliminates the need for toilet paper as people prefer using bidets after they use the restroom.

Easy installation: The handheld bidet sprayer is a simple attachment that can be easily by any DIYer.

It is a simple home product accessory that can be fixed to an existing toilet.

To promote simple installation, the product is shipped in several parts like the handheld sprayer, a cradle, the coil, and the joint connector.

All of this can be assembled easily to provide a simple product that can be used.

Check out this handheld bidet on Amazon.


So, that was the list of left handed bidets.

We hope that it really helped you in figuring out what bidet actually bidet fit your requirements.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section. We will definitely answer all your queries.


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