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7 Best Non Electric Bidets [2024]: Here Are Our Top Picks

Bidets have some great advantages. They are hygienic, safe, and environment-friendly.

But most people do not even consider it as an option for their toilets, regarding it as something only meant for French bathrooms.

And because people consider it a foreign concept and are not very familiar with it, they are afraid to invest a few hundred dollars in something that they have no idea will work or not.

For them, a non-electric bidet is a great alternative. It is not as costly as an electric bidet and serves as a stepping stone into the wonderful world of bidets.

While there are lots and lots of electric bidets available in the market today, there is a limited number of non-electric options.

But worry not, we are here to help you.

We did in-depth market research and compiled a list of the following 7 best non electric bidets you can buy for your toilet.

  • Brondell Swash Ecoseat Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat
  • GenieBidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat
  • BioBidet Slim Zero Non Electric Bidet
  • American Standard Aqua Wash Non-Electric Bidet Seat
  • Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Manual Bidet
  • Samodra Non Electric Bidet Seat
  • BELMAN MB6003C Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

What To Look Out For When Buying A Non-Electric Bidet

An electric and a non-electric bidet have completely different mechanisms.

Therefore, what factors you need to consider before buying a non-electric bidet, although in the same league, are slightly different. They are as follows:

Size – The size of the bidet is one of the primary points to consider when you go shopping.

Toilets can be round or elongated and bidet sizes also vary accordingly.

You must choose a bidet of the right size for a perfect fit.

There is also the aspect of the bulkiness of the bidet itself.

Some have sleek designs while others are more chunky.

Usually, expect a bidet to be bulkier if it packs in more features.

Nozzle Number – Double nozzles have become common in non-electric bidets nowadays, but it is still not as widespread as multiple nozzles in electric bidets.

It is better to get a non-electric bidet with a double nozzle as it will ensure a dedicated nozzle for feminine wash.

Nozzle Type/Spray Pattern – Not often do non-electric bidets come with the option to change the spray pattern – this is still a standard feature of electric bidets only.

However, many non-electric bidets are coming into the market nowadays that allow one to get different spray types by working an adjustment or changing the nozzle head.

Water Pressure – People often need different water stream pressures for different kinds of washes.

While water pressure adjustment is a common feature in electric bidets, it is not so in non-electric bidets.

But, a lot of companies are now adding this feature as a standard, using the same mechanism as for spray patterns.

Handle Type – The controller of an electric bidet comes in a wide range of forms.

You can have buttons, rotary switches, or even a joystick-like handle.

Make sure that the orientation of the controller works for you.

Some have the controlling panel flush on the side of the bidet while others are upright.

Choose the one that suits you best.

T-Connector Valve – Since a non-electric bidet is manually operated and does not have a way to detect when its use is over, having a T-connector shut-off valve is very important.

It ensures that water is not wasted if someone accidentally turns the bidet on.

Best Non-Electric Bidets In The Market

Non-electric bidets can be more difficult to buy.

This is because since fewer people buy non-electric bidets, it is harder to get recommendations and reviews about products.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best-reviewed non-electric bidets in the market here.

Let us see them one by one.

Brondell Swash Ecoseat Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Brondell is fast becoming the leading bidet maker in the market and it is for a reason.

The brand has designed a wide range of products tailored to suit the needs of all current and prospective bidet users in the market.

Brondell’s Swash series is for those who want the most from their bidet.

Brondell Swash Ecoseat Non-Electric Bidet
Brondell Swash Ecoseat Non-Electric Bidet 

The Swash Ecoseat has the best features that a non-electric bidet can have.

If you want a non-electric bidet that washes just as well as an electric one but at a more economical price, the Swash Ecoseat is the right model to go with.

Its feature set includes:

As functional as an electric bidet: The Brondell Swash Ecoseat may not be an electric bidet but it serves its function just like one.

It provides a stream of clean water that refreshes you after using the toilet.

Double nozzle for the perfect wash: The Ecoseat comes with dual nozzles for separate front and rear wash.

This ensures that women are also able to get washed correctly after urinating without any discomfort.

A sophisticated, ergonomic design: The bidet is designed to be sleek and stylish to suit the look of any modern bathroom.

On top of that, it comes with a gentle closing lid that ensures no damage due to clattering, as well as a sturdy lid that can support any pressure while sitting.

DIY installation: This bidet seat has no complicated installation and set-up requirements. You do not even have to call a plumber.

You can easily do it yourself in a matter of a few minutes.

Adjustable water pressure: For a non-electric bidet, adjustable water pressure is quite an advanced feature. But you get that with the Brondell Swash Ecoseat.

It comes with full controllability over the pressure of the water stream.
Available in all bidet sizes: Whether you have an elongated toilet seat or around one, you do not have to worry.

The Ecoseat is available for both types of toilet seats which allows one to enjoy the benefits of a Brondell non-electric bidet no matter what kind of toilet they have.

Find out more about this bidet here. (link to Amazon)


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GenieBidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat

GenieBidet is a household name when it comes to any kind of bidet, be it electric or non-electric.

Exactly as the brand name suggests, it is a genie when it comes to bidets, offering you exactly what you need.

GenieBidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat
GenieBidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat 

This GenieBidet bidet seat is made especially for elongated toilet seats. Click here to check its round option.

Its features include the following:

Separate nozzles: The GenieBidet non-electric bidet seat comes with specialized nozzles for rear and front cleaning.

This ensures that you get the right kind of washing every time.

Retractable wand:  Another great feature of this bidet is that it comes with a retractable wand which ensures that there is no splashback when using the toilet and the water from the bidet is no dirtied when coming out.

Water pressure control: You can adjust the pressure of the water stream coming from this bidet from soft to strong.

This helps you get exactly the quality of wash you are looking for.

Special hybrid T-connector: The T-connector that comes with this bidet is a special hybrid type.

It not only has the usual turning on and shutting off function but it can also help you control the amount and pressure of water coming to the bidet.

Versatile usage: Unlike some bidets, the GenieBidet can be easily used and operated by everyone, not just adults. Whether you have a child or a senior citizen in the family, they too will be able to use the bidet just fine.

For more details, click on this link and check it on Amazon.

BioBidet Slim Zero Non Electric Bidet

Just like its quality electric bidets, BioBidet also manufactures some really attractive non-electric bidets that are not only loaded with features but also look really sophisticated and stylish.

The BioBidet Slim Zero is a perfect example of a non-electric bidet from BioBidet that outdoes even some of the electric bidets found in the market.

BioBidet Slim Zero Non Electric Bidet
BioBidet Slim Zero Non Electric Bidet

It is a perfect combination of looks and functionality that makes washing an easy task after every toilet use.

Add to that the quality assurance of BioBidet and you have one of the best non-electric bidets in your home.

Check out its best features:

Easy-to-use side control lever: Unlike many bidet seats that place the control element towards the back, making it hard for people to reach for and control it, BioBidet’s Slim Zero has the control lever placed just at the side.

This ensures that you do not have to turn awkwardly around to activate the bidet after you use the toilet.

Retractable dual nozzle: The Slim Zero is equipped with dual nozzles that allow a hygienic wash no matter whether you want a rear wash or a front one.

Moreover, the wand is retractable, meaning that you do not have to worry about splashbacks anymore.

Compact in size: One of the biggest advantages of this bidet is its slim and compact body.

A lot of bidets are too bulky and result in a substantial reduction of the toilet opening.

It also makes the toilet bowl itself look huge. But the Slim Zero, true to its name, keeps things sleek and suave.

Sturdy, sittable lid: Just because the Slim Zero is compact in size does not mean it is flimsy.

Its lid is robust and strong enough to support your weight when you sit on the toilet to relieve yourself without any bending or cracking.

Battery-powered nightlight: A feature that most non-electric bidets do not have is a nightlight.

But the BioBidet Slim Zero is not like others.

It features a battery-powered nightlight for those after-bed trips to the bathroom.

Moreover, it is a two-stage light, so you can keep the brightness at exactly the level you want.

Durable and long-lasting body: The BioBidet Slim Zero is built with the strongest and best quality materials in the industry.

The pressure control stem and ball valve are made of the best silver brass along with a unified ABS valve that ensures that the bidet lasts for years and makes it worth your money.

Check it out on Amazon.

American Standard Aqua Wash Non-Electric Bidet

While American Standard is not as popular with people as some of the other brands on here, it still manufactures some really good bidets.

The brand is sort of a dark horse among bidet companies that you discover only with good research.

American Standard Aqua Wash Non-Electric Bidet
American Standard Aqua Wash Bidet

The American Standard 5900A05G.020 Aqua Wash is one of the best offerings from the brand.

It may be a non-electric bidet but it operates just as well as any electric bidet.

You would not even know the difference if no one told you.

It has all the standard features of a non-electric bidet and more for your convenience.

Its features include:

Adjustable, detachable nozzles: Like any good non-electric bidet, Aqua Wash has adjustable spray patterns for the perfect wash.

But what sets it apart from its competitors is that its nozzles are detachable for more convenience.

Seamless design: In most cases, when you look at a toilet with a bidet attached, you can tell.

But Aqua Wash has a seamless telescoping lid design that conceals the bidet seat ring and makes the toilet look just like any other.

Easy installation and removal: The bidet is made for top mount installation, making it easier to DIY than most other bidets.

Simultaneously, it also has a one-button push lift-off feature which makes it easier to remove and clean.

Slow-closing seat: When you close a bidet lid, if it slams against the seat, not only will it be unpleasant but also weaken the bidet body.

The Aqua Wash bidet solves this problem with slow-closing hinges that prevents that situation from ever happening.

Durable material: Bidets are notorious for having a weak, plastic body that bends and cracks easily.

But this bidet is made of polypropylene plastic which makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

Optimal fit: Unlike a lot of bidets that ill-fit the toilet and look awkward and gaunt, Aqua Wash will fit most conventional toilets.

Of course, keep in mind that it is made for elongated toilets and so, is not going to fit round ones.

For more details, check out this link.

Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Manual Bidet

Kohler is a world-renowned manufacturer of bathroom and toilet appliances and fittings.

It is known for making high-quality, sophisticated products for the modern bathroom.

If you want a bidet that does its work and makes your bathroom look fancy, look no further.

Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Manual Bidet
Kohler K-76923-0 Puretide Manual Bidet

The K-76923-0 Puretide is one of the most popular non-electric bidets of not just Kohler but among all companies.

It has advanced features for a perfect wash every time you use the toilet.

Moreover, despite being a non-electric toilet, it works and looks just as state of the art as any costly electric bidet.

Its best features are as follows:

Adjustable spray position and pressure: While the Puretide does not have a double nozzle like the ones above in this list, it has an even better feature – a wand with adjustable inclination to give both a front and rear wash.

You can also change the water pressure according to the kind of wash you are getting.

Self-cleaning wand: Not only is this bidet capable of cleaning you but it can also clean itself.

It has a self-rinsing feature that washes out the nozzles after every use to maintain maximum hygiene.

Easy installation and removal: The bidet comes with quick attach hardware that allows you to install the bidet yourself quickly and easily.

Also, it has quick-release hinges so that you can unlatch the seat with one action for cleaning.

Ergonomic design: Some bidets can have a very uncomfortable shape and curvature that makes it difficult to find a good position to sit on it.

But not the Puretide.

It has a highly ergonomic design to ensure that you are comfortable all while using the toilet.

Comes with installation tools: Many companies will not provide all the fitting needed to successfully install the bidet.

But Kohler provides all the hoses and connections you need to get the job done without any additional purchases.

Highly compatible fit: Kohler has designed its bidet cleverly, ensuring that it can fit almost every toilet that is manufactured in the market.

So, you no longer have to worry about whether the bidet will fit your toilet or not.

You can easily check the Kohler compatibility chart to be sure.

Click here to check its latest price on Amazon.

Samodra Non Electric Bidet Seat

Although not a very frequently heard name, Samodra is quite an authority in the world of bidets.

It manufactures some of the best-quality bidets out there.

Samodra Non Electric Bidet Seat
Samodra Non Electric Bidet Seat

If you want quality and functionality worth the money you pay, Samodra will have your back.

The bidet seat in question is quite a popular one with people who look for non-electric bidets.

It has a rich set of features that gets the job done right every time.

Not every non-electric bidet can give you a refreshing wash every time but the Samodra bidet delivers each time you use the toilet.

It has a number of great features like:

Dual cleaning modes: The Samodra bidet seat comes with double wands featuring different nozzle types to provide the right kind of cleaning for whether you need a rear wash or a front feminine wash.

Self-cleaning feature: The bidet also has a self-cleaning mode that washes the nozzles out.

This ensures that you get absolutely clean water every time you use the bidet.

Water pressure control: You can control the pressure of the water jet from the bidet nozzles no matter what mode you are using.

This ensures you can get a wash at exactly the pressure you are comfortable with.

Retractable nozzles: The nozzles of the bidet retract into a safe case when not in use.

This ensures that there is no soiling of the nozzles or splashback when you are using the toilet.

Soft-closing lid: A quiet-closing lid in this bidet helps prevent the slamming of the bidet lid down after using it.

This protects the bidet from unnecessary stress and extends its life.

Guaranteed durability: Samodra makes its bidets using tough polypropylene material.

This gives the bidet a sturdy, durable body and helps it last for many years without any damage.

Check out the bidet in detail here. (link to Amazon)

BELMAN MB6003C Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

Belman brings some amazing non-electric bidets into the washing game.

The rand knows well what bidet customers want and offers exactly that.

Its bidets are known for having some really loyal and satisfied customers.

BELMAN MB6003C Elongated Toilet Seat Cover
BELMAN MB6003C Elongated Bidet

The MB6003C is one such product in the Belman catalog.

With some of the most amazing features for a non-electric bidet, it delivers superb performance and provides a fresh feeling every time you go to the toilet.

If you want a non-electric bidet that serves you the perfect wash, you have got yourself a winner with the MB6003C.

Here are the features that make it such a good product:

Ergo Wash for better service: The MB6003C has one of the most ergonomic designs among bidets in the market, electric or non-electric.

Its intelligent design with a single operation knob ensures easy and comfortable operation by anybody, from kids to elders.

Separate wash modes: You get three wash modes with the MB6003C. There are the classic rear and feminine wash modes of course.

Along with that, the bidet also has a self-cleaning mode for assured hygiene.

Gentle closing seat and lid: The MB6003C comes with a gentle closing seat and lid.

This ensures that the bidet lid does not slam down and there is no damage to the product as a result.

Oscillating wand: The cherry on top is the oscillating wand of the bidet.

This excellent feature helps give an all-around wash to your private parts after using the toilet without you having to adjust yourself every time.

Bubble-infused spray: Unlike most non-electric bidets, the MB6003C provides a bubble-infused water spray.

This helps ensure that when the pressure of the water stream is strong, you do not feel uncomfortable or get hurt down there.

Installation in minutes: Belman assures that you would be able to install the bidet yourself in not more than 15 minutes.

Moreover, all you would need is a screwdriver.

No more plumbers or trips to the hardware store with this bidet.

Get a better look at this bidet here. (link to Amazon)

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Why Should You Buy A Non-Electric Bidet

A non-electric bidet might sound inadequate to many, but that is not true.

It has a lot of advantages over electric bidets such as those below:

No electricity usage – A non-electric bidet does not need electricity to operate and so it saves a lot of power.

This is an environmental advantage over electric bidets, which decreases the carbon footprint by reducing toilet paper usage but then increases it again through power consumption.

No nearby socket needed – Most people will not have a power outlet in their bathrooms, at least not near the floor.

This means that installing an electric bidet ends up requiring them to make arrangements with the electrician.

But a non-electric bidet does not need a power outlet and only requires some plumbing alterations.

More robust and less likely to malfunction – The more circuitry any machine has, the greater is the chance of it malfunctioning, especially when used near water.

A non-electric bidet, due to its manual operation, is more robust and tends to outlast electric bidets.

Easier to install, maintain, and use – Because of the lack of complexity in a manually operated machine, a non-electric bidet is much easier to install and set up for use.

It is also easier to maintain and repair and does not have any complicated interface that you need to master.

Leaves larger opening – A non-electric bidet does not have any electric parts to accommodate.

Nor does it have the components for the fancy features electric bidets have.

Hence, they tend to be a lot less bulky than electric bidets.

As a result, it leaves a greater opening space on the toilet for use.

Electric VS Non Electric Bidet: 7 Key Points

While buying a non-electric bidet might be the right choice for you, you must review the following points once to ensure that they are not high up enough on your priority list to warrant a decision change:

Number of features – A non-electric bidet is bound to have fewer features than an electric one.

There will be fewer water stream adjustments possible, there will be no seat warming or air drying feature, and you may also miss features like warm water and different spray types unless you especially seek one out with these features.

Of course, in that case, the cost will also be higher.

Operation type – Electric bidets have the option of buttons and remote-controlled operation. This is absent in non-electric bidets.

You have to manually turn knobs or move handles to operate it.

Also, programmable, one-touch wash modes will not be available in a non-electric bidet.

Does not save toilet paper as much – Almost all electric bidets have air dryers, which allow you to forego the use of toilet paper entirely.

But since non-electric bidets do not have this feature, you still have to use toilet paper to dry yourself, somewhat defeating the whole point of washing over wiping to save paper.

For Children – The operation of an electric bidet might be a bit too complicated for kids, especially if you are just potty-training them.

They might not be able to use the bidet at all or put it in the wrong setting.

This could cause unpleasant surprises at best and water wastage or avoidable accidents at the worst.

A non-electric bidet is the safer option here.

For Old people – Just like with any technology, elder people may find it difficult to operate a sophisticated electric bidet with tons of features and buttons.

A simpler, non-electric bidet with easy operability might just be what they need.

Accessibility – For people with vision issues or certain motor disabilities, operating an electric bidet could be difficult.

A non-electric bidet would ensure that it is accessible to people of all kinds of abilities.

Budget – If you do not want to spend too much on your bidet or are feeling nervous about expending so much on an electric bidet the first time, a non-electric bidet is your answer.

The operation is easy, the lifetime is longer, and most importantly, the cost is much lower.


A bidet can be a lifesaver for people in terms of better hygiene and less wastage of toilet paper.

However, taking the plunge with an electric bidet might be too daring a move for some.

To familiarize yourself with the whole affair of bidets, go for a good-quality non-electric bidet like the ones mentioned here.


Do all bidet toilet seats need electricity? Not all bidet seats require electricity to operate; only electric bidets do.

Non-electric bidets use mechanical operation and rely on the water supply pressure to work.

What is a non-electric bidet?

A non-electric bidet is a toilet bidet that works manually, ie, without consuming electricity.

Therefore, they do not require to be connected to an electrical outlet and utilizes the water supply pressure to power the water stream.

Are there non-electric bidets?

Not only do non-electric bidets exist, they are quite popular too among those looking for a simpler, cheaper, but fully functional bidet for their toilets.

Many people choose a non-electric bidet before upgrading to an electric one so as to ensure that the whole idea of the bidet works for them.

What is the best non-electric bidet toilet seat?

Which non-electric bidet will be the best for you depends on which features you prioritize the most.

However, overall, we believe that the Brondell Swash Ecoseat non-electric bidet is the most desirable option if you consider its roster of features.

How does a non-electric bidet work?

A non-electric bidet does not have electricity to power its water flow and force.

Instead, it relies on the intrinsic water pressure in the supply line to create the required water pressure of the stream.

How do you install a non-electric bidet? Attaching a non-electric bidet is quite simple.

All you have to do is remove the toilet seat and attach the bidet seat to the bowl.

Use a T-connector valve to attach to the main water supply that also supplies to the toilet tank.

Attach one end of the pipe for the bidet to the horizontal arm of the T-connector and the other end to the bidet water inlet.

Adjust the water in the pipes and you should be good to go.

Do bidet seats need hot water?

Electric bidets have their own water heater, so this question is irrelevant for them.

But if you desire to have warm water in your non-electric bidet, you will need to ensure that the water supply you connected to the bidet inlet allows warm water.

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