Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 VS 6800

Up until a few years ago, everyone’s toilet staples, including mine, consisted of a roll of triple-ply toilet paper. But nowadays, this is not the case in most bathrooms.

The hygiene and sustainability issues concerning toilet paper have made many users switch to things such as bidets. And this, in fact, is true for my bathroom too.

Bathroom accessories like this have made life a lot easier for me and my entire family.

If you are looking to make this switch, you might be overwhelmed with the number of options you get in the market.

Even if this is not your first time buying a bidet, you will find choosing to be difficult.

There are a lot of factors to take into account when finding the right bidet for your bathroom.

Regardless, among the hundreds of brands out there, I find Bio Bidet products to be a great fit for my toilet.

They offer a variety of models, some of which suit my needs totally while others are just not there. In this article, I will compare the Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 with the 6800.

Understanding the pros and cons of using each of these should help you figure out which one can be your perfect one.

Bio Bidet Ultimate 770 VS 6800/6800U: A Quick Overview

Specification A8 6800U
Available in elongated and round shapes Yes Yes
Advanced reservoir water heater Present Present
In-built fusion technology Present Present
Warm air dryer with different settings Present Present
Remote Standard Wireless double-sided remote with several control buttons
Air deodorizer Absent Present
Nozzle material Stainless steel Plastic
Nozzle type Single 3-in-1 type Tank Dual
Self-cleaning feature On-demand Automatic feature
High-pressure modes Standard turbo mode Enema mode
Aerated wash mode Absent Present
Warranty 1 Year 3 Years
Cost More expensive Less expensive
Check Current Price Present Present

About Bio Bidet Ultimate 770

If you are looking for a premium bidet, the Ultimate 770 can be one of your top choices.

It is available in both round and elongated shapes and comes with superior features.

These include a hybrid water heater system with an inbuilt reservoir. It is equipped with fusion technology, which prevents water from dropping in temperature even after the reservoir contents run out.

So, you never have to worry about an icy cold water spray down there.