Do Men Use Bidets

Do Men Use Bidets?: Everything You Need To Know

Bidets have been a staple in my toilet for quite a few years.

Many people I know, including friends and family, use them religiously too.

And it seems like the rest of the country is finally catching up. Be it for sustainability reasons or sanitary or even hygiene, bidets have won the hearts of Americans during the pandemic.

But typically the marketing for this bathroom gadget is catered towards women.

That begs the following question: Are only women allowed to use a bidet and not men? In this article, I will clarify this doubt since many families and even businesses go through this dilemma while fitting a bidet in their bathrooms.

Do Men Use Bidets?

Everyone can use toilet paper, regardless of gender.

All you have to do is tear off a good-sized piece and wipe yourself with it.

But is it the same in the case of bidets?

The answer is yes. Men can use the bidet to clean themselves down there without worry. It is beneficial for them to do so in various ways.

Benefits Of Using Bidets For Men

If you have heard of bidets before, you must know how convenient they are. They are not only pretty easy to use but also do not generate a lot of waste.

All of that is unlike toilet paper, which is usually what most people choose to use. But other than offering these general advantages, bidets can be extra helpful for men.

I will list five such reasons below. That way, you can get the benefits yourself if you are a man.

If not, you can share this knowledge with the men in your life, be it friends or family.

So, let us jump right into it.

1. Keeping Your Prostate Healthy

Poor bathroom habits can affect the health of your prostate. So, it is necessary to ensure to keep your genitals clean to prevent any sort of infection.

The growth of unhealthy bacteria in the area can cause a condition known as bacterial prostatitis. That can cause pain, inflammation, and swelling in the bottom half of your body.

In some cases, it can progress into a urinary tract infection (UTI). To prevent this from happening, you can use a bidet.

Well, how does it help? Bidets use water to get rid of all the debris, preventing the growth of bad bacteria. That is unlike toilet paper, which simply wipes.

Besides, excessive rubbing can catalyze the spread of the infection and increase swelling.

2. Helps Through Hemorrhoids And Constipation

Although hemorrhoids and constipation are not problems restricted to men, it is essential to talk about them. Everyone has these problems at some point in their lives.

But a bidet can prevent them from happening to an extent. It cleans effectively, assisting a faster flow. Using warm water from your bidet can further aid the process.

If you are already suffering from hemorrhoid, using a bidet can help cure it as well.

The water pressure can relieve the tension in the area, helping things move.

Thus, your toilet experience remains comfortable even when you are having a tough time.

3. Cleaning You Up Thoroughly

A bidet is the most effective tool when it comes to cleaning your nether regions.

A little bit of maneuvering can result in thorough cleaning of the area.

That, however, is impossible to attain with toilet paper.

That is especially true for those who are hairier than average.

And most men tend to be on the hairier side anyway. So, a rinse with a bidet will make you odor-free and dirt free.

4. Cleaning Up Before And After Sex

No matter how spontaneous, washing before having sex is crucial. That is not only something your partner would want but also be necessary in terms of hygiene.

Similar is the case for when you are done.

And what can be more convenient than a bidet? You do not have to go through the entire ordeal of taking a shower. Thus, neither will you kill the mood nor ruin the post-coital bliss.

5. Getting Rid Of The Jock Itches

Itching in the groin area is pretty common in men.

It is generally caused by a fungus, bringing in unnecessary discomfort, pain, and odor. To treat it, consult your healthcare provider and take medications as necessary.

But what role does a bidet play in this?

Well, since it can clean the area thoroughly, it prevents the fungal growth from spreading further. That results in a quicker recovery and makes your day-to-day life a lot easier.

How To Use A Bidet As A Man?

If you have never used a bidet before, trying it out for the first time might seem intimidating. Depending on the type of bidet you have, you must figure out the right way of positioning and spraying it.

Once you do that, the road ahead is pretty smooth.

To clean your anal area, do the following steps.

First, lower yourself on the toilet seat and do whatever you need to do.

Next, press the posterior wash button and allow the water stream to clean the area. After that, use a soft microfiber towel or a wad of toilet paper to dry off.

And voila! You are now clean and fresh.

That process is unlike toilet paper, which requires a lot more time and patience if you want a thorough clean.

If you are suffering from any sort of infection, bacterial or fungal, including jock itch, you can use the front wash feature. Once you are done, pat dry again.

As you can see, the process of using a bidet as a man is pretty simple.

While the most important thing about using the bidet is adjusting your position on the toilet, it is also necessary to be careful about the calibrations. Make sure the water temperature and pressure are set at the correct values.

Otherwise, you risk scalding or hurting yourself. If your bidet comes with other features, try them out to see what works best for you!

It is also worth mentioning that the method of using a bidet can vary from one type to another. Thus, it is necessary for men to adjust accordingly.

Below I have listed the different types of bidets and how to use them properly.

1. Traditional Bidet

A traditional or freestanding bidet is typically placed beside the toilet. Their sole purpose is to clean your bottoms. So, make sure to only use them for this purpose. Align yourself with the jet to wash properly.

2. Handheld Bidet

A bidet shower or sprayer is a handheld device.

It has a nozzle from which the water will come out. It is easy to adjust since the control remains in your hand.

You can change the jet speed as well as the position however you like.

Some handheld bidets come with a control panel with the help of which you can monitor the water temperature and pressure.

3. Built-in Bidet

A built-in bidet is a modern toilet attachment that sprays water once you flush the toilet.

It typically has a small nozzle fitted on the bowl or seat. It is easy to use and can get you clean in minutes.

No matter what type of bidet you use, it is critical to clean yourself well with it.

And drying yourself afterward is a must. Otherwise, you can subject your genitals to bacterial infections.

Change the towel you use regularly and do not share it with others to prevent contamination.

Final Words

Bidets are a great tool for anyone looking to elevate their bathroom experience. Anyone, regardless of gender and in most cases, age can use a bidet.

Men, in particular, can particularly benefit from using them since they offer men’s health-related benefits.

And that is apart from their ability to give a thorough clean while staying environmentally friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Install a bidet in your toilet today and let everyone in the household enjoy its benefits.