Best Bidet Towels

5 Best Bidet Towels Of Year 2024

For years, my toilet routine has left something to be desired.

It is messy, expensive, and unsustainable. So, finally, I decided to amp it up and fix most of the shortcomings.

And one quick swap from toilet paper to bidets and bidet towels made a world of difference. So, in this article, I will let you in on my secrets regarding these.

That way, you can up your toilet game too and have a pleasant experience.

Why Should You Use Bidet Towels

If you are still using toilet paper to clean up, it is time to start looking into bidets.

TP is an unsustainable addition to your bathroom that you can do without.

The amount of paper each American wastes on average every year is truly appalling.

Besides, the costs do add up.

So, switching to bidets is a good idea. But since they use water to rinse, you have to pat dry down there.

While you can use paper towels or toilet paper for this, it kind of defeats the point. That is because you end up buying paper rolls anyway and thus, wasting them.

So, to make your routine functional, opt for bidet towels. What are they, you ask?

Well, they are essentially cloth towels made for down there.

You can use them right after you rinse with a bidet.

Thus, bidet towels can essentially be a reusable replacement for toilet paper.

Some people might think using bidet towels is an unhygienic idea. But that is not at all the case. Let us find out why.

5 Best Bidet Towels

As bidets have grown in popularity, lots of bidet towel brands have popped up.

Among them, some are excellent while others are not so good.

Below, I will provide a list of the top 5 bidet towels. Pick the one that fits your needs and budget, and you are good to go!

1. Clear Rear The Royal Treatment Bamboo Towel

There are several toilet hygiene brands out there.

But what makes Clear Rear unique is its commitment to providing the best quality experience to its users.

So, any product you buy from them, including bidet towels is always going to be a hit.

The Royal Treatment Bamboo Towel Set is a Clear Rear offering, which is a favorite among users.

Clear Rear The Royal Treatment Bamboo Towel
Clear Rear The Royal Treatment Bamboo Towel 

It is super comfortable to use and you will feel like royalty when doing so.

The details about this product are:
● Super Absorbent: The Royal Treatment towels are made from 100 percent bamboo, which absorbs a lot of quickly while remaining soft.

● Sustainable: Since bamboo is biodegradable, this towel set is environmentally friendly! Besides, Clear Rear uses sustainably and ethically sourced bamboo.

● Perfect size: The set of 5 towels resembles a regular face cloth in size. That makes them easy to store and carry.

Find out more about the product here. (link to Amazon)

2. HipHop Panda Hypoallergenic Bamboo Baby Wash Clothes

The HipHop Panda store primarily provides baby products. They are a reputable seller, helping out parents worldwide.

They offer a wide range of baby towels.

Hiphop Panda Hypoallergenic Bamboo Baby Wash Clothes
HipHop Panda Hypoallergenic Bamboo Baby Wash Clothes

But who says you cannot use them as adults? If a towel is safe for a baby’s face, it is surely fine as a bidet towel.

So, opt for these, and you are sure to have a good experience.

The details of this product are:

● Soft and comfortable: The Hypoallergenic Bamboo Baby Wash Cloths are made from 90 percent bamboo and 10 percent cotton. That combination makes them super soft.

Thus, you can safely use them to wipe or pat dry.

● High absorption: The high bamboo content in these towels makes them absorb water at a very fast rate. So, when you use them to dry yourself off, you will be done in no time.

● Variety: These towels are offered in various colors. So, you get to choose from white, blue, gray striped, grey, pink, purple, and yellow.

That is not just about picking out your favorite color, but it is always a plus. A wide range of bidet towel colors is particularly helpful for families or friends who share a toilet.

Color-coding your towels prevents you from mixing them up, maintaining hygiene.

Get this product here.

3. EcoJet Bamboo Bum Towels

ECOJET is a brand well-known for its different toilet goods.

From bidets to bum towels, they have all you need to have a comfortable bathroom experience.

EcoJet Bamboo Bum Towels
EcoJet Bamboo Bum Towels 

Among these products, the Bamboo Bum Towels are perfect if you are in need of a good-quality bidet towel.
The details about this product are:

● Safe and comfortable: The Bamboo Bum Towels are completely safe to use. Aside from being made from good-quality materials, these do not contain any toxic BPAs (Bisphenol A).

In addition, they are not bleached. These are critical features that determine if the towel is safe for use down there.

The bamboo material is also highly absorbent and soft. That should make your toilet experience far more pleasant.

● Eco-friendly: If you switched to bidets and thus, bidet towels to be more mindful about your carbon footprint, the ECOJET Bamboo Bum Towels are perfect.

Made with 100 percent sustainably sourced bamboo, they help reduce the amount of waste you generate by a long shot.

● Easy to clean: Some bidet towels are particularly difficult to wash since they are not suitable for machine wash.

But not the Bamboo Bum Towels!

You can throw them in a warm wash, preferably in a mesh bag, and tumble dry in the lowest setting. And voila!

You get fresh, clean towels every time.

You can get the above product here. (link to Amazon)

4. Keababies Baby Washcloths

The brand Keababies is committed to making parenthood a joyful experience, eliminating any hurdles that come in the way.

Their baby products are revered in both new and old parents’ communities.

So, when you buy from them, you are sure to get a good product.

The baby washcloths from Keababies are meant for babies.

But nothing is stopping adults from using them as bidet towels, since they are just as comfortable as they sound.

The details about this product are:

● Soft and fluffy: The Keababies Baby Washcloths are made from high-quality bamboo, which not only makes them absorbent but also super soft.

With a 500 gsm thickness, these towels are super fluffy.

Combined, these two features help provide a comfortable drying experience after using a bidet.

● Safe to use: These baby washcloths are made from bamboo and are completely safe to use. They contain no toxic chemicals, making them suitable for your sensitive genital area.

● Color choices: Bidet towels are meant for personal use.

So, if people share a bathroom, the same standard white towels can get mixed up. But since the Keababies Baby Washcloths come in 6 different colors, you will never have this problem.

Pick out your favorite among white, blush pink, bravo blue, cool grey, earth brown, soft lilac, and sunshine yellow.

And let the others choose their color, avoiding any confusion or mishaps in the future!

Buy them here!

5. MUKIN Baby Bamboo Washcloths

MUKIN is a brand dedicated to delivering top-quality newborn supplies and helping parents out.

Their wide range of baby towels, made from bamboo, cotton, etc., are excellent for different purposes.

Among them, the ultra-soft bamboo washcloths can be used as bidet towels by people of any age.

So, pick them up online if you are in need of new bidet towels.

The details of this product are:

● Soft and gentle: The MUKIN Baby Bamboo Washcloths are made from bamboo, making them super soft and gentle on the skin.

So, when you use them down there, you are sure to have a good experience.

● Color options: These bidet towels come in four candy colors, pleasing to the eye and efficient for color-coding among family members.

They include sky blue, sakura pink, aqua green, and light yellow.

● Size and price: These towels are 12 inches in length and width, making them suitable for repeated usage. They also come in a 12 pack, making them an economical option.

Get hold of these here.

Are Bidet Towels Sanitary

Unlike regular toilet paper, which you use to wipe away the dirt and debris from your genitals, bidet towels are meant only for drying purposes.

That means they should only be used after a thorough cleaning with the bidet. And since that uses a jet of water, the likelihood of any dirt remaining is low.

So, if you are using the bidet correctly, bidet towels should come out clean after use.

But if you reuse a bidet towel over and over again or use someone else’s, it can, of course, be unhygienic.

So, it is vital to ensure you use your bidet towels the correct way and change them frequently.

If you want to reuse a towel, it is necessary to let it dry well first. That is because the wet fabric can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

And you surely do not want to put that near your genitals!

How To Use Bidet Towels

Now that you know bidet towels are safe, it is time to find out how to use them.

But do not worry too much about it.

The process is pretty simple.

All you have to do is first, clean yourself with the bidet. And then, pat gently to soak up the excess water. No need to wipe. Once you are done, allow the bidet towel to dry or throw it in the wash. As I mentioned before, after use, bidet towels should be relatively spotless.

But in case they do have some visible debris on them, keep them aside to avoid reusing them. See? So simple yet so useful!

What Is The Conclusion?

Bidet towels can be an excellent, or if you are like me, life-changing addition to your toilet routine.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one today and get started on a more sustainable lifestyle right at home!