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Bidet Towels: 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

In most western countries, including the US, toilet paper is a staple bathroom item.

But it is not a sustainable route to take.

To counter this, many people are nowadays switching to bidets.

These bidets use a stream of water to clean your nether regions.

But after rinsing, it is necessary to wipe away the water.

Using a wad of paper towels to do so results in the same unsustainability problem.

So, what is the way out? Bidet towels.

In this post, I am answering the 10 most frequent questions that I get for bidet users and from people who are new to bidets.

What Is A Bidet Towel?

A bidet towel is a small piece of cloth that you can use after rinsing your nether regions with a bidet. It should be made of a skin-safe material, and you can reuse it after washing. That means it is not a disposable or wasteful item like toilet paper or tissues.

You can use this fabric after using any type of bidet, be it standalone, modern, or hand-held.

Should You Use A Towel With A Bidet?

Yes, you should use a towel with a bidet for drying yourself after cleaning. When using a bidet, there is a lot of water involved. And water down there is a breeding ground for bacteria.  To prevent this from happening, you must always dry after cleaning yourself with a bidet towel.

To prevent the exact scenario many modern bidets come fitted with an air dryer.

But these are often expensive and inaccessible to most of the general population.

Regardless, if your bidet does not have such features, there is no need to worry.

You can simply use a bidet towel after doing your business.

That will keep you clean and dry and help you avoid any infections.

How Should You Use A Bidet Towel?

Using a bidet towel is pretty easy.

If you have used a bidet and toilet paper before, the process will be pretty similar.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you should use a bidet towel.

  1. First, rinse thoroughly with the bidet.
  2. Next, pick up a clean towel, and gently pat yourself dry.
  3. Once you are done, put away the bidet towel in its designated basket. And voila! That is it.

But if you are used to wiping with toilet paper, you might have to learn how to best use the towel.

Since the paper has a higher absorbance rate than fabric, you should hold the bidet towel for a few seconds to soak up the water.

Otherwise, you will not be fully dry yourself.

If you are concerned about residue getting on your towel, you do not have to be.

If you clean yourself with the water from the bidet thoroughly enough, your towel will come back clean after you pat dry.

Are Bidet Towels Sanitary And Safe To Use?

Hygiene is one of the primary concerns that people have about bidet towels.

Many equate using them to reusing toilet paper, which sounds downright unsanitary.

But the thing is a bidet towel is not meant to wipe away any dirt or residue.

So, if you clean yourself properly with the bidet, there should be nothing unhygienic about patting dry with a towel.

It is a similar concept to taking a shower and drying yourself off with a bath towel.

But sometimes, particularly if your gastrointestinal tract is not in the best condition, your bidet towel might get visibly dirty.

In case this happens to you, adjust your bidet settings.

Alter the pressure to get a better rinse.

Since bidet towels soak up water, they too can become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Thus, they can be potentially unhygienic.

But this is only the case if you reuse them without washing. Otherwise, they are perfectly safe.

Another concern that comes up often regarding hygiene is whether women can use bidet towels or not. And the answer is yes.

But if cross-contamination is a concern, using different towels for the front and back should work.

How Often Should You Wash Bidet Towels?

The number of times you use a bidet towel between washes is a personal preference. Some people prefer to only use it once before throwing it into the wash. That is, of course, the most sanitary option. But this is often too tedious a routine to maintain. So, some might use one towel each day.

Others divide their towels based on whether they are going for a number one or number two.

If you want to reuse a bidet towel, it is essential to let it dry after the first use.

Otherwise, you risk bacterial contamination and become vulnerable to infections.

How Should You Clean Your Bidet Towels?

The best part about bidet towels is that they are washable.

So, unlike toilet paper, you will not have to throw them away after one use.

That is an environment-friendly option that saves you the hundreds of dollars you spend on toilet paper each year.

But to actually enjoy the benefits in a sanitary way, you must learn how to clean them correctly.

Here is how you should clean your bidet towels.

  1. Collect all your used bidet towels and throw them into the wash with some gentle detergent.
  2. Use warm water to clean them thoroughly and maintain their softness. 
  3. Once they are washed, you can hang them up and let them air dry.

However, you do not need to use a fabric softener.

It can interfere with the fibers, causing the towel to become less absorbent.

While your towels will feel softer, they will not dry you properly.

Besides, you will have to wash them more often, making them rougher and less long-lasting.

You can also opt for tumble drying on a low heat setting to get it done more quickly.

Once dry, the towels are ready for use!

Can You Reuse Bidet Towels?

Yes, you can reuse your towel. And how often you change your bidet towels is completely up to you. So, if you want to reuse a towel a few times before throwing it into the wash, you are free to do so. But you have to take a few extra steps to ensure this is as hygienic as possible.

For instance, you have to allot a separate space to keep the towels you plan on reusing.

Keeping them with either clean or dirty towels is not an option since it will lead to contamination.

A good option is fitting a small hook or bar on the wall right beside the toilet.

That way, once you are done using the towel, you can hang it up and let it dry until the next time you have to use the toilet.

It is also crucial to keep such towels away from the reach of kids and animals. It should also not be shared with anyone else to keep things sanitary.

How Should You Store Bidet Towels?

Appropriate storage is quintessential to keeping your towels clean.

For instance, mixing up clean and used towels is a recipe for disaster.

Similar will be the case if you mistake another family member’s towel for your own.

So, you have to set up an efficient system in your bathroom.

The easiest way to do this is by keeping two separate baskets or bins near your toilet. One will contain fresh towels, which are ready for use. On the other, you will put the dirty or used ones.

By doing so, you ensure the towels are right within your arm’s reach.

So, once you have done your business, you can use one quickly.

Also, cover both of them with a lid to keep away dust and germs.

The used bidet towels, if left wet, can start letting a damp odor.

To avoid this from happening, you should let them dry before dumping them in.

You can install a bar on the wall for this purpose.

Alternatively, hanging them on the edge of the container works just fine.

If two bins are taking up too much space in your bathroom, opt for a wet bag instead.

That can replace your used towel bin without occupying any floor space.

You can simply hang it up on the wall beside your toilet and drop in any used bidet towels.

While washing, just put the whole bag into the washer with some soap and water.

And you will get back fresh towels without having to sort through your entire laundry load.

What Are The Best Bidet Towels In The Market?

As bidets have risen to popularity over the last few years, bidet towels are in demand.

There are several brands out there.

But which ones should you trust? You need a set of bidet towels that will be gentle but effective.

Below we will list three such bidet towels that work wonders for many users.

1. Clear Rear – The Royal Treatment

These soft towels from Clear Rear have a high absorbance.

They are made from bamboo, which is a 100% biodegradable material.

Clear Rear Towels
Clear Rear Towels


Thus, apart from being perfect for your needs, they are environmentally friendly. You get five pieces in a set, which you can switch between after each use.

2. Pinzon Organic Cotton Hand Bidet Towels

If bamboo is not suitable for your needs, you can go for a cotton bidet towel.

Pinzon organic cotton towels are perfect for this purpose.

Pinzon Organic Cotton Hand Bidet Towels
Pinzon Organic Cotton Hand Bidet Towels 


Available in sets of 2, 4, 6, and 12, you can choose how many you want for your household right from the get-go.

They come in different colors, making it easier to allot one to each family member.

How Can You Make A Bidet Towel?

Even if you do not have the means to buy a bidet towel right now, do not worry.

If you have any soft, absorbent pieces of fabric lying around, you can turn them into bidet towels.

Here is how you can make a bidet towel right at home.

The best material for this is flannel since it has high absorbance. And almost everyone has old flannel pants or shirts in the back of their closet. If you were never into flannel and do not have it, you can use cotton too.

Once you are ready with the material, cut it up into squares, with the length of each side being 8 inches. That is typically considered the ideal size, but you can always scale up or down.

Next, you can round the pieces to give them a better look.

Finally, sew along the edges to prevent fraying, allowing them to last longer.

Make a few of these to create a set.

That way, you can switch towels after each use.

Choose fabrics of different patterns or colors for each person in your household. That will prevent towels from getting mixed up, and thus, contamination.

Final Words

Bidets have been selling like hotcakes ever since the pandemic hit and toilet paper rolls disappeared from the supermarket shelves. Bidet towels go hand in hand with this toilet equipment.

So, if you have a bidet at home or are looking into buying one, bidet towels are something you should consider.

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