Pros And Cons Of A Handheld Bidet

18 Pros And Cons Of A Handheld Bidet: My Personal Experience

The very first bidet I ever used was a handheld bidet.

I think it was the year 2013 and since then I have experienced all kinds of bidets.

But I must say, the handheld bidet is the simplest bidet that you can install in your toilet.

It is cheap, easy to install and, is highly durable, perfect for some who is new to using a bidet.

But the handheld bidet is far from being perfect and it does come with some drawbacks.

And in this post, I will be talking exactly about that.

In this post, I have put together my experience about handheld bidets, their pros, cons, and if you should consider them for your toilet.

I hope this article will help you make informed decisions.

So without any further ado, let us jump right into it.

Pros And Cons Of A Handheld Bidet

Pros Cons
Cost-effective equipment Does not have a hot water facility
Simple installation process No dryer feature
Saves money Uncomfortable water pressure
Does not use much space Can be difficult to use for people with limited mobility
Does not need power Possibility of leakages leading to safety hazards
Does not damage the plumbing lines Does not totally replace the toilet paper
Has multiple uses Gets your clothes wet sometimes
Eco-friendly Can be a problem using for first-time users
Provides excellent cleaning Feels less luxurious compared to other types of bidet

What Is A Handheld Bidet?

A handheld bidet is a compact version of stand-alone traditional bidets.

It is attached beside the toilet bowl and is mounted on the adjacent wall. It looks like a small hand shower for cleaning yourself after nature’s call.

Handheld bidets are also called bidet sprayers.

They have a button that releases water from a nozzle.

Bidet sprayers are a cost-efficient apparatus as they can be attached to the existing toilet system. You do not have to install a whole new kit just for a bidet.

Handheld bidets are a game-changer when it comes to personal hygiene.

They are steadily gaining popularity in the western world, as it saves time, space, money, and trees. Read along to see how.

Handheld bidet
My handheld bidet

Benefits Of Using a handheld bidet

Here the benefits of handheld bidets are discussed in brief.

You can find details in the latter part of the article.

Better Hygiene: A handheld bidet is a better personal hygiene solution.

The water reaches places where toilet paper cannot.

Therefore, it provides thorough cleaning and eliminates harmful bacteria.

One-time expense: Handheld bidets are mostly a one-time investment.

There is a wide price range for bidet sprayers, and you can purchase according to your budget.

It reduces the cost of buying toilet paper, therefore saving money in the remote future.

Environment friendly: Numbers say an average person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper daily.

The math shows that about 54 million trees are cut down just so people can clean their bottoms.

Bidet sprayers are an eco-friendly cleaning solution that decreases toilet paper consumption.

Also, excessive use of toilet paper generates waste and ends up in landfills.

Handheld bidets can stop this pollution.

Handheld bidets can also be used for many other things like washing feet, bathing pets, etc.

Pros of a handheld bidet

Handheld bidets are an excellent addition to your toilets, specifically when personal hygiene has become so important.

While you are still thinking if handheld bidet is a good choice for you, here is a list of pros of handheld bidets.

● Easy on the pocket: If you are renovating your washroom on a tight budget, then bidet sprayers should definitely make it to your list.

These are inexpensive equipment that ensures cleanliness without burning a hole in your pocket.

Even though pricey alternatives are available in the market, you can still find decent ones for lower prices.

It also saves you money in the long run by cutting down toilet paper costs.

● Effortless installation process: Handheld bidets are easy to install. In fact, you can install one yourself by reading manuals or watching videos.

You do not have to incur additional installation charges.

Moreover, they are installed with the existing toilet system.

Therefore, unlike a standalone bidet installation, you do not have to tear down your whole bathroom. It is a great choice if you have less space.

● Good for the environment and your plumbing system: Every year, hundreds of toilet paper rolls are used and flushed down the toilet.

In order to make these toilet paper, thousands of trees are cut down, leading to environmental issues like deforestation, global warming, soil erosion, waste pollution, etc.

Moreover, flushing toilet paper clogs pipes and damages the plumbing lines.

Handheld bidets are a one-stop solution to all ecological and technical problems.

● An excellent hygiene solution: If water was a part of rock-paper-scissor, it would be beating paper all the time. Similarly, in washrooms also paper cannot compete with water.

Handheld bidets are a perfect way of cleaning your hindquarters.

They reduce the possibilities of urinary tract infections. Bidet sprayers provide effective cleaning for women, especially after childbirth or menstruation.

● Myriad use: Other than their primary use, handheld bidets also serve many purposes. You can give your pets a good bath using a bidet sprayer.

Moreover, you can also clean your toilet bowl inside out using one of these.

If the pipe is long enough you can also wash the sink or bathtubs. They also come in handy when washing diapers or small garments.

● Does not consume energy: Some modern gears like a bidet attachment or bidet seat need electricity to operate.

But handheld bidets do not consume power and therefore save you on energy costs.

Cons Of A Handheld Bidet

Every coin has two sides.

Similarly, handheld bidets, although an awesome apparatus, has their flaws.

In this section, we shall discuss the cons of handheld bidets:

● No options for hot water: Handheld bidets are small, manually operated showerheads.

These do not come with a system of hot water.

Therefore, 365 days you only get cold water from the bidet sprayers. While this may not be a disadvantage during the summer, winters can get uncomfortable.

● Uneasy water pressure: The water pressure for some handheld bidets can be too high or too low.

Such bidets do not allow a wholesome cleaning experience.

The bidets with weak water pressure can take longer to clean.

On the other hand, handheld bidets with strong water pressure make the user uneasy while cleaning their privates.

● Difficult to use: The nozzle on handheld bidets is static.

Therefore, they do not move or cannot be adjusted.

Although this may not be a disadvantage for most of us, it can be difficult for those with limited mobility or aged persons.

To make the best use of these, you need to adjust your body position accordingly.

It may not be that simple for everyone.

● Does not come with a dryer: Another disadvantage of handheld bidets is that they do not have in-built dryers.

So once you have cleaned your rear end with water, they will remain wet unless you dry it with a towel.

● Minimal need for toilet paper: The absence of a dryer brings us to our next disadvantage.

While handheld bidets promise to replace toilet rolls, they can do that only partially.

No one likes a wet caboose, and to dry your bottom, you can use a towel.

However, you’ll have to clean the towels frequently to maintain hygiene.

We agree that it is a lot of work.

Toilet paper can be used instead.

But that brings us back to our pollution problem.

● Possibility of leakages and mess: Bidet sprayers can start leaking after a while.

Especially, the ones made with PVC.

It creates a mess in the washroom.

Moreover, wet floors can be a safety hazard, specifically for kids and older people.

If your bathroom has a wooden floor, then constant leakage can cause rotting.

How To Choose The Best Handheld Bidet For Yourself

By now, you already know why handheld bidets are a useful device, and we are sure that you are convinced that you need one.

Here comes the moment of truth when you need to decide which model is ideal for your home.

To help you choose the best of the lot, we have made a 5-point list for you.


Before you go bidet shopping, we say you plan for a budget.

The models vary in price, and without a budget, you’ll only get confused.

A pre-defined budget will help you choose the best option and stop you from overspending.

If you already have a budget, then narrow down the alternatives available to you.

With the concise list as the basis, evaluate the features and commit to the most suitable handheld bidet.

Materials Used

Bidet sprayers are made up of two materials, PVC and stainless steel.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

PVC bidets are inexpensive, corrosion-free, and light-weighted.

However, they are not durable. After a while, they leak and often break.

Contrarily, stainless steel bidet sprayers are long-lasting.

Although cheaper models can rust easily and the topcoat also wears off.

Nevertheless, stainless steel bidets are the obvious winners for homes.

Once installed, you do not have to worry about changing the tools anytime soon.

Position Of The Button

The button on the bidet sprayers can be placed at different positions.

Some can be below the novel and others at its back.

Based on the ease of use, you can select which bidet is befitting.

Few of the models have a handle-like button. These can cause leakages if made out of plastics.

Water Force

We believe this is another determining factor you should consider before committing to a bidet.

While few bidets have extreme water pressure, others are feeble.

Neither of these can give the best cleaning experience. Therefore, you should opt for a handheld bidet sprayer with moderate water pressure.


The warranty is an add-on benefit in the case of handheld bidets. Do not forget to check if it is a partial or a full warranty and the warranty period.

Final Words

For several decades, people have used toilet paper.

Initially, what may appear to be a cheap and easy option, can prove to be fatal in the long run.

That is exactly what happened with toilet paper.

Toilet paper is not an effective cleaning solution.

Moreover, it hurts the environment. In the case of handheld bidets, these problems do not exist.

Due to the new normal, as families spend more time within the home, it is important to get permanent and cost-effective personal hygiene solutions.

Handheld bidets are the way to go.

They are long-lasting and cleaner alternatives.

Hope we have been able to answer all your questions.

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