Does A Bidet Leave You Wet

Does A Bidet Leave You Wet? And 6 Other Questions Answered!

Bidets are becoming more and more popular in American homes.

And with all the health and environmental benefits, I think eventually we all should shift to bidets.

But there is some downside to using a bidet. And one of those things is leaving wet after using a bidet.

I have been using bidets for years now but still get frustrated sometimes when I don’t have something to dry off my butt after washing.

So this article is all about what to do after washing your butt with a bidet.

First of all, let us start with the question that is asked by people who have never used a bidet before, and then we’ll move towards other questions.

Does A Bidet Leave You Wet?

Yes, the bidet does leave you wet. The bidet sprays a stream of water at the bum to clean it. And I must the cleaning butt with bidet is better than toilet paper, but it does leave you wet.

Do You Need To Dry After Using A Bidet?

Yes, you do need to dry your butt after using a bidet. Bidets leave you wet after washing. Thus you need to have something to wipe off water to dry your bottom.

The bidets spray enough water enough pressure to clean your butt and to wash completely you need to use it for at least 10 to 15 seconds. That leaves your bottom quite wet. Thus you need to dry properly before wearing your underwear back else it will get wet.

How Do You Dry After Using A Bidet?

There are three ways to dry after using a bidet.

  1. Use toilet paper
  2. Use a towel
  3. Built-in warm air dryer in the bidet 

Using toilet paper: This is basically the most common option for most people. And since toilet paper is a very common household item, it is available everywhere.

Wash with water and then use the toilet paper to dry. It is as simple as that.

Use a towel: With more and more people using bidets nowadays, many are gravitating towards using a towel, a bidet towel to be specific instead of using toilet paper.

And there is a good reason for it. One, towel does a better job you drying your bottom after washing. Two, you can reuse the towel after washing it.

Use an inbuilt air dryer: Nowadays some of the more expensive bidets that cost over $400 come with an inbuilt warm air dryer that you can use to dry your butt.

Does A Bidet Dry You Off?

Yes, some bidets do dry you off after washing. They have an inbuilt warm air dryer that helps you dry after using the bidet.

These bidets are a little expensive and start at a price range of about $500. Air dryers are generally not available in budget seat bidet or bidet attachments.

So if you need to have the drying feature in your bidet you need to shell out some extra bucks for that.

How do bidets dry you?

Bidets have a built-in warm air dryer that blows warm air after you have washed with water. The warm air is warm enough to dry your bottom.

Do you use a towel to dry off after using a bidet?

You can use a towel to dry off yourself after using a bidet. In fact, it is a much better option than using toilet paper. That is because towel soaks water better than toilet paper.
Plus, you can reuse the towel after washing it and use it again multiple times. This not only saves you money on toilet paper but is also better for the environment.

What Kind Of Towels Do You Use With A Bidet?

Well, you can use any bathroom towel to use with a bidet. But there are some special types of towels that are specially made to use with bidets. They are called bidet towels.

A bidet towel is a small piece of fabric that you use to dry yourself after using the bidet. You can reuse the towel after washing it.

Most commercial bidet towels are made out of bamboo because it’s super soft, more absorbent than cotton, and is naturally antibacterial. But you can also use standard washcloths or even make your own bidet towels.

Final Words

I hope the is article answered all your bidet-related questions.

If you still have any questions, the comment section is open for you. Leave it there and I will definitely answer them all.