how it feels to use a bidet

All About How It Feels To Use A Bidet: Top 5 Questions Answered!

I have been bidets for over 8 years now. An time to time I get questions about how it feels to use a bidet.

So I gathered all those questions and have answered them in this blog post.

In this post, I have shared my personal experience here and what I think about using a bidet.

So let’s begin with the most popular one.

What Does It Feel Like Using A Bidet?

Using a bidet for clean feels refreshing and good. I have used toilet paper and I have used bidets and every time I would choose a bidet over toilet paper.

Why I say that is because a bidet cleans better than toilet paper. I have been an extensive toilet paper user before I shifted to a bidet.

With using toilet paper, I was always doubtful If my butt got cleaned properly.

But when washing my bottom with water using the bidet, I feel like it got clean properly.

And seriously, what can clean better than water?

Do Bidets Feel Good?

Yes, bidets feel good. One of the reasons is that they clean better than toilet paper. So a cleaner butt means you feel refreshed.

Another thing is that the bidets stimulate the frontal and anal regions.

The anus is innervated with specialized nerve endings that sense everything from touch and temperature to changes in pressure and tension.

Some nerves that supply the anal sphincter branch out to supply the genitalia.

Do bidets Feel Weird?

No, I don’t think there is anything to feel weird about using a bidet. Yes at first it can be a little uncomfortable or a new experience for someone who has never used a bidet before, but after a few use, you will get accustomed to it and I am sure you will like using a bidet.

Do Bidets Feel Good For Girls?

Nowadays bidets come with many features that are especially very useful for girls and women. One of them is feminine wash and  The gentle cleansing of the feminine wash rinses the area clean, removes any odor, and helps to make what can be an uncomfortable time of the month a little more pleasant.

A lesser-known benefit of bidets comes into play if you take advantage of menstrual cups.

Does A Bidet Arouse You?

Yes, a bidet does arouse you the water spray hits the right spot with the right pressure. The pressure from the water can stimulate parts of the body like the anus and clitoris to achieve arousal and allow you to climax. Thus you can use a bidet for pleasure.

Some advanced bidets have frontal wash more or feminine wash mode that can be used especially by women to pleasure themselves.

A good shower session can de-stress your body after a tiring day. People often overlook this, but water masturbation using a bidet is one of the things for sensual experiences.

Does Bidet Water Go In Your Butt?

Yes, the water does go in your butt if the pressure is high enough. But it is a good thing. Bidets are meant to clean your butt on the surface, but if water goes in your butt, the water cleans the inner part of the anus.

So please do not panic about it. Water going in the butt is totally normal when using a bidet.

Can you use a bidet on your period?

Yes, you can use a bidet on your period. Using a bidet on your period is much better for you than using regular toilet paper. The toilet paper can sometimes be rough for the sensitive skin of the private part. But water is gentler on your skin and cleans more effectively. You can also use the bidet to clean your menstrual cup if you use one.

Final Words

So these were the question I had been asked by some of the readers and my friends. If you have any questions related to the topic, leave them in the comment section.

I will add them to the post with answers.

Thanks for reading.