Best Affordable And Budget Bidets

Best Affordable Bidets: Top 5 Budget Bidets Of Year 2024

Bidets are increasingly becoming more popular.

People fancy these bidet products due to the wide range of benefits that they get from them.

They serve as an effective and efficient way of cleaning up after using the toilet.

Let’s face it, bidets help you clean up in a way that the best tissue paper can’t.

To add to the value provided, bidets are affordable, and in the long term, they are highly cost-effective in that they help you save money that would have been spent on buying tissue papers.

Whereas many high-end and premium bidet products are costlier, you can get more affordable options with basic features, irrespective of their entry-level features and price, you can still get the most out of your bidet.

We did great market research to find the most affordable bidets available today. And found some great value for money bidets.

In this post, we have listed the top 5 affordable bidets you need to consider if you wish to buy a great bidet on a limited budget.

How We Picked These Budget Bidets

We did extensive research on the bidet market and found these bidets that are the most value for money options for the buyers.

Cost: As the best affordable bidets that you can find in the market, these selections ensure that you get value for your money.

They combine quality, innovation, and affordability to offer some of the most unbeatable offers in the market.

Design: In addition to getting affordable bidet products, you get a device that has been designed and conceived to enhance the general aesthetics of your restroom. It easily matches all other sanitary fixtures in the restroom.

User-friendliness: We have also taken the time to choose some of the most user-friendly bidet products that you have in the market.

These products are built with elaborate designs to promote user-friendliness for all members of the family.

Quality: These bidet products have been built with the best quality in mind.

You get the right functions as well as more smart and innovative features to ensure that you have a smooth and pleasurable washing experience.

Easy installation: All these bidet products offer more aftermarket value to the user.

You get a product that comes with all the needed accessories and installation parts to promote easy installation.

You need to spend any more money to get an installation technician. It is a simple DIY product that comes with a user manual and DIY kits.

Best Affordable Bidets For Every Budget

1. Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Attachment

Tushy is a top brand name in the sanitary product market. As a maker and supplier of affordable sanitary products, they ensure that users get a taste of luxury by providing premium home products at an entry-level price.

TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Attachment
TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Attachment 

With the Tushy Classic 3.0 attachment, Tushy has delivered a premium sanitary toilet product that provides a bidet system that can be cleaned easily.

This is a product that has been built with the best quality and aesthetics to provide an all-around value to all members of the family.

With this bidet, you can get features like:

Optimized pressure control: You get an optimized flow of water that allows you to choose the right pressure to help you clean up properly.

Angle control: You get a new and improved angle adjuster that helps you to easily find the perfect angle of impact for proper washing.

Anti-microbial knobs: You get knobs that come with beautiful and patented trademarks. They are either made from customizable bamboo or metal. They come with natural anti-microbial properties. They can be grabbed and turned easily. Also, they are highly resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

The Schmutz shield: You get an innovative and patented feature that helps maintain the cleanliness of the bidet attachment. This feature is used to prevent grime and dust build-up.

New smart spray: This is an excellent feature that is used to wash off the nozzle before and after you use the bidet attachment. This smart spray system is used to keep the nozzle clean for hygienic purposes.

Easy installation: This is a sanitary product that has been designed to promote an easy and fast installation. It comes with a plug-and-play installation system that means that all the parts/kits/accessories can be assembled easily and quickly by any homeowner. Installation of the bidet product is with a basic tool.

Colour variants: With the Tushy classic 3.0 bidet toilet seat attachment you have two color variants to choose from. There is the Bamboo option and the New-platinum version.

Either way, you get the best bidet experience from one of the best affordable bidets.

Click here to check its latest price (link to Amazon).

2. Brondell S300 Bidet Toilet Seat

Brondell is a home products brand that is fully committed to creating the best sanitary products to guarantee a happier and healthier home.

As one of the best sanitary product companies, you get the best homemade products that combine quality with affordability. In all, you get a product that offers a healthy home experience without necessarily breaking the bank.

Brondell S300 Bidet Toilet Seat
Brondell S300 Bidet Toilet Seat

The Brondell S300 RW bidet toilet seat is a unique homemade product that comes with all the important features that you can get from a sophisticated and premium bidet seat.

You get all of these features at an entry-level price.

With this bidet, you can get features like:

Wireless control: This is a smart bidet toilet seat system that can be controlled wirelessly to perform any function that you want. This function promotes user-friendliness.

Additionally, this remote system is provided with a magnetic dock, which means that you can easily reach it without knocking things over.

Heated seat: The Brondell S300 bidet comes with a seat that is heated comfortably to ensure maximum user experience.

This function is especially useful during cold wintry nights.

The heated seat of the S300 comes with a luxury that helps ensure the comfortability of users in extremely cold seasons.

Adjustable wash control: You get a bidet that comes with adjustable settings for various wash functions.

You can customize your wash routine by using various water pressures, water temperatures.

Additionally, you get the option to adjust the water flow for both rear and front washes.

Soft and gentle wash: Unlike most other bidet toilet seat products out there, you get a product that offers a gentle and soft wash.

This feature is very useful for most home users of the S300 looking for a soft and soothing wash product after using the toilet.

Sleek design: You get a bidet product that has been designed for performance.

This is an elongated and advanced bidet toilet seat that has been designed ergonomically to blend function and aesthetics.

Sittable lid: This bidet toilet seat offers you a robust lid that has been designed for the user to feel comfortable when sitting on the lid.

For more information about this bidet, click here. (link to Amazon)

3. VIVOHOME Smart Heated Toilet Bidet Seat

VIVOHOME is a brand that is known for its innovative home products to improve your life.

You get a brand of original products that offers convenience and enjoyment for everyone in your home.

You also get a product that has been built to deliver quality and concern for your restroom needs.

VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet
VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet 

The VIVOHOME smart heated bidet seat for all toilets is an innovative home fixture that combines regular bidet features with some innovative functions.

Overall, you get a bidet product that enhances the general home after the wash process.

This is a home product that is designed to solve all the wash problems after using the toilet.

With this bidet, you can get features like:

Adjustable temperature: You can easily set the preferred temperature of the seat.

You have three various temperatures levels to choose from. With this innovative bidet seat, you get to choose between Off, 98.6°F, and 91.4°F.

Hot air drying functions: This is an interesting feature that allows you to use the hot air drying feature. You can choose between 3 different warm air grades of 109.4°F, 100.4°F, and 91.4°F.

A smart home bidet system: This product comes equipped with an excellent memory feature.

The system for warm air will always regulate the temperature to send out the right air temperature.

You also get a toilet product that comes with a smart capacitive sensor.

This feature is used to check if this device is activated or not.

If you are left sitting on the lid for over 2 minutes, then the temperature of the seat will be switched down automatically to protect the user from getting burnt.

Full waterproof body function: The whole body of this toilet seat bidet is waterproof.

Soft-close lid: This product comes with a soft close lid that enforces the slow closing function of the toilet seat lid to prevent injury during use.

Considerate design: The design of this toilet seat bidet has been optimized for use by the whole family.

This means that you get an all-around toilet seat bidet that works well for every member of your family.

Water temperature control: You get an excellent feature that allows you to control the temperature of the water.
Check buyers’ reviews and other information about this bidet on Amazon.

4. SmartBidet SB-100 Electric Bidet

SmartBidet is a Korean manufacturer of classy bidet products that are used to enhance the general home bidet use experience.

This is a brand that has invested fully in the production of premium and quality bidet products for modern home use.

SmartBidet SB-100 Electric Bidet
SmartBidet SB-100 Electric Bidet

The SmartBidet SB-1000 is a product that comes with essential bidet components and features.

This is complemented by a wide range of smart functions that help to simplify the use of this product.
With this bidet, you can get features like:

Customizable features: The SmartBidet electric bidet toilet seat can be
easily customized accordingly to save all your favorite functions.

When saved successfully, these personal preferences that you have chosen become the default function.

Remote control features: This smart home bidet product can be controlled easily with the use of a remote function. This means that you can control your bidet without necessarily moving from your position.

Adjustable settings: This is a smart bidet product that comes with various adjustable settings for three functions. You get 5 levels of adjustment for the water pressure, 3 levels of adjustment for the water temperature, and 3 levels of nozzle positions.

Various wash modes: As a smart bidet system for your toilet, you get a smart home product that offers various modes of washing. You get the posterior wash mode (gentle wash stream for the rear part), the feminine wash mode ( a gentle wash stream for your front part), and the turbo wash mode (the strongest and most concentrated wash stream that can also be used for your rear side).

Skin sensor mode: This is a smart feature that this bidet product offers and is used to protect your skin against burns.

The skin sensor feature comes on once you are seated on the lid of this toilet.

Slim Design: In addition to the smart features of this toilet bidet, you will also get a slim and minimalist designed product that fits properly into any toilet bowl without much effort.

Various models to choose from: This Smartbidet SB-100 comes in six variants and models.

This means that you have the luxury to choose from a collection of smart bidet system that suits your preferences.

For more information about this bidet, click here to check it on Amazon.

5. VOVO Stylement VB-6000SE Electric Bidet

VOVO is a luxury home brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of premium smart home sanitary fixtures. The brand is a reliable and popular name in the home products market.

All products from this brand stand out in the market based on their innovative engineering and design which is tapered towards promoting a healthier and happier home.

VOVO Stylement VB-6000SE Electronic Bidet
VOVO Stylement VB-6000SE Electronic Bidet 

The VOVO Stylement VB-6000SE is an electronic toilet bidet seat that has been equipped with the smartest features to support an enjoyable and convenient usage of an essential sanitary product for the toilet.

You get a product that comes with a sleek and stylish design. All optimized to cater to all home users.
With this bidet, you can get features like:

Heated seat: The VOVO Stylement VB-6000SE offers you a heated seat that has been equipped with adjustable temperatures. This means that you can easily switch up the temperature to correspond with your preferences.

Warm air dryer and water: This is a smart bidet system that comes with a hybrid function. It can heat the water as well as an in-built dryer system that provides 3 various adjustable temperature levels.

3-in-1 wash mode: As a smart bidet product for all homes, you get a product that has three various wash modes. You get the posterior, feminine, and turbo wash modes.

This works for everyone in the home as you get essential wash features for her frontal areas, her anal region, and his rear parts.

Self-cleaning Nozzle: As a bidet product that promotes hygienic and healthy use, the product has been designed with the proper features to promote self-cleaning.

This means that the device works to clean itself after use and cleaned up properly to be used by the next person.

LED night light: This bidet product also comes with an aesthetic blue neon LED light that comes on at night to illuminate the inner bowl of this toilet.

This night is used to promote convenient usage of this product at night.

Wireless control function: You get a smart wireless control function that has a single touch operation to produce a range of smart bidet functions.

You get 3 levels of adjustment for the heated seat, dryer, and warm water. You also get five different levels for positioning the nozzle and adjusting the water pressure.

See more information about this bidet on Amazon.


The best affordable bidets are some of the commercially available sanitary products that you can get in the market easily.

The good thing about these products is that they all function the way they have been instructed.

They are all products from popular and reliable brands which means that you get quality and durability.

These are the best entry-level bidets that you can get in the market for a low price.

Regardless of their costs, they still perform their functions effectively well.

The primary function of a bidet is to transform your total bathroom experience: we have carefully chosen these five products that will provide you with a smooth and enjoyable bathroom experience.


What is a good inexpensive bidet?

The Tushy 3.0 is the best inexpensive and most affordable bidet toilet seat and it is our top recommendation in the list of affordable bidets.

This bidet attachment has been adapted to fit onto any available elongated or round toilet seat.

This bidet attachment has been produced to feature a wide range of functions to promote user-friendliness as well as a convenient washing experience.

Is it sanitary to share bidets?

You can share the bidet in your home because it is sanitary. Bidets just like toilets have been designed and produced to be shared by anyone in the home.

It is a hygienic toilet fixture that is meant to be properly cleaned after use for the next person to use a hygienic product.

However, unlike usual toilets, today’s bidets are usually designed with self-cleaning features because most of them come with self-sanitizing nozzles/wands and bowls.