Can You Use A Bidet On Your Period

Can You Use A Bidet On Your Period?

So Ladies, beginning this article, I would like to know what is your biggest nightmare??

Mine is having a period…Lol… Being a woman I can completely understand how it feels to have a period every month.

Although it’s different for every woman, we just take it as fear as well as a challenge because we have to pass it without any worries or disasters (as it can happen anytime so!!).

Writing this article, I would love to help all women get their selves clean properly while having their period.

And for that, Bidet would be a helpful option instead of using toilet paper or wipes on your periods.

Nowadays, Bidets are an option to toilet paper popular across Asia and many parts of the world.

They have yet to become mainstream in the USA, but more and more people are pretty aware of their profits.

But are you able to use a bidet on your period?

This is the question that blinks in your mind when you think about a Bidet and your Period? Let me take you straight to the point then.

Can You Use A Bidet On Your Period?

Yes, you can use a bidet on your period. Using a bidet on your period is a much better option for you rather than using toilet paper. Unlike cleaning with toilet paper that includes a lot of wiping, the water goes gently to your skin and cleans more efficiently. Thus using the bidet to clean during the period can save you from irritation, skin peeling, etc that toilet paper might cause when using it on sensitive skin. Plus, you can use the bidet to clean your menstrual cup (if you use one).

As a woman, I know all the difficulties we can face while cleaning up things.

I would like to share with you all the information regarding that.

A bidet is a good option when you are using a loo on your periods.

Not only useful but it is completely hygienic and quite easy rather than wet wipes or toilet paper.

For women with a vagina, UTIs and yeast infections are excruciating and irritating health problems to deal with. So it’s quite obvious that you may be worried about switching to cleaning with water every time you go to the lavatory.

The spray of a bidet is a satisfying way to clean up during your period.

As wet wipes contain ingredients that can irritate your vulva, Bidet provides a healthier substitute to them.

You just need to take care that the water should flow front to back as it helps keep any fecal matter out of the urethra and vagina.

Bidet Wash and Feminine Wash

There are a lot of types of bidet available in the market that are giving a special feature called feminine wash.

Depending on the model, some bidets come with a “feminine wash” setting which systematically cleans a woman’s vaginal area using a wider, alternative spray pattern that generates a softer wash.

The nozzle fine-tunes to the suitable spot to reach the area necessitating to be cleaned.

Here are some suggestions from my side to use a bidet properly as a woman:

1. If the bidet has temperature controls for hot or cold water, adjust the water temperature to what is comfortable for you (typically a warm water wash is preferred). The control to regulate the temperature is going to be found on the instrument panel next to the restroom seat.

2. Position yourself onto the bidet by either sitting on the rim or squatting over it. (Unlike toilets, freestanding bidets don’t have a seat you sit on.)

3. Depending on which area you need to be cleaned, select the setting or mode that will get the job done. To clean after urinating, select the feminine wash setting. This will precisely target the vaginal area and wash it clean!

4. If a bidet has a built-in dryer, such as BLISS BB-1700, you can use this to dry yourself off. Otherwise, this can be done using a small amount of toilet paper.

Once you are done using the bidet, rinse the toilet bowl and spray the nozzle out by running the jets at a low setting. This helps keep it clean and fresh for subsequent usage.

Using A Bidet On Your Period

When you’re on your period, bidets are the perfect bathroom companion.

It’s similar to having a mini shower every time you use the toilet.

Rather than using several sheets of toilet paper to wipe all the blood away, a bidet can wash it away with the push of a button.

And the water will do a way better job of getting all the blood, so none is left behind.

This suggests you do not need to worry about funny odors or stains.

Another benefit to employing a bidet on your period is that you simply can use the water stream to wash your menstrual cup (if you employ one).

The water that sprays out of your bidet is strictly equivalent to water that comes out of your tap, so using it to wash your menstrual cup is the same as rinsing it within the sink.

In fact, a number of the fancier bidets sterilize the water meaning it’s even cleaner than the water that comes out of your taps.

The Kohler Novita Bn330 is an example.

They use silver nanotechnology to sterilize the water stream.

If your bidet doesn’t have this setup, you’ll buy a separate water filtration device to put in your water line. But this isn’t a necessity.

Will The Dirty Bidet Water Splash Everywhere?

Some people worry that the bidet will splash the blood around your bathroom, but this couldn’t be beyond reality.

Bidets are properly aimed and only target the precise area you would like to wash.

Gravity ensures that when the water has hit you, the subsequent thing it does is fall straight down into the restroom bowl.

What’s The Best Bidet For Using On Your Period?

All bidets are going to be useful to you on your period because they’re all designed to wash you after you’ve been to the restroom.

That said, some features make sure bidets are better suited to menstrual flow clean up.

There are three different types of the bidet to consider.

1. Bidet Seat Or Attachment

The first type may be a bidet attachment or a seat. Both of those have spray wands situated within the toilet.

The best ones for period use will have a selected feminine spray wand aimed toward your frontal region and a wide-angled spray.

Warm water is additionally a plus if you reside in a colder area.

Warm water is far easier to use than freezing cold water. However, if you reside during a milder climate, you would possibly escape with just cold water.

Seats are the more expensive option and come with a whole host of extra features to enhance your toilet experiences, such as heated seats and dryers.

Attachments are cheaper than seats but don’t have any fancy extras. Most attachments are cold water, although there are a couple of predicament options.

If you’re after something simple to assist you to pack up after your period, choose an attachment. If you would like the bells and whistles choose the seat.

2. The Handheld Bidet

The second type is what’s known as a handheld bidet (also known as a bum gun or bidet sprayer.

A handheld bidet may be a small hose that’s installed next to the restroom.

The benefits of employing a handheld bidet on your period are:

• You can aim the spray exactly where you want, so there’s no shuffling around on the seat
• They tend to have higher water pressures than bidet seats

I would recommend the bidet sprayer if you would like the bidet to double as a menstrual cup cleaner.

It’s much easier having the bidet installed next to the restroom instead of within the bowl.

No one wants to succeed in the restroom bowl to wash their menstrual cup.

3. Portable Bidets

Portable bidets aren’t that useful reception, but if you ever need to get away whilst on your period, a transportable bidet is often a lifesaver.

They essentially are squeeze bottles with long spouts.

You fill them with water from the faucet then use them to wash.

If you’ve got a bidet reception, not having one when you’re away or out at work can leave you feeling dirty.

With a travel bidet, you’ll always be ready to get that squeaky clean feeling.

You can fill the bottle with cold or warm water, and they mostly accompany discrete carry bags.

Are Bidets Safe For Women?

Yes, bidets are safe for women to use, but there are a few apprehensions that should be taken into concern when women are using them.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when women use bidets:

• Bidets used inappropriately can increase the prospect of vaginitis and other bacterial infections. Rushing water acts as a good way to cross-contaminate your vagina with fecal matter or upset the vagina’s natural flora. this is often why it’s important to use the spray of a bidet as a lady that you simply spray from front to back.

• Sphincter injury can occur if water pressure is employed too high or too hot. Some people aren’t as sensitive to heat in their anal region as other areas of the skin, and this will cause perianal burns from the predicament in rare cases. Make sure to keep the water temperature at a moderate level before using the bidet.

Bidets are generally safe for women to use if they’re used correctly.

Still, women who are particularly liable to urinary tract infections (UTIs) or vaginitis may want to consider whether a bidet might worsen those conditions.

The Bottom Line

Are bidets safe for ladies and other people with vaginas? Are bidets sanitary?

Yes, and yes! actually, they’re not just safe and sanitary — they also offer a pleasing, convenient experience during a sort of instances that make your life and your bathroom a touch better.

So what are you waiting for Ladies??

Just go for a bidet use without worries of a dirty period wash!!