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5 Best Toilets With Bidet: Ultimate Toilet Bidet Combos Of 2024

People are finally warming up to the idea of bidets and realizing how washing is far more hygienic and healthy than wiping.

Bidet seats are especially a blessing for kids, elders, and people with disabilities who either cannot wipe properly or are not in a position to comprehend if they are clean enough.

But, believe it or not, even bidet seats are becoming something of an old-fashioned appliance to have in your house.

People are upgrading to something even better.

If you are curious, people are being driven by the thought process of why they should invest in a toilet and a bidet separately if they can get the benefits of both in one.

This is where the idea of toilets with bidet comes in.

If you have not heard of them, maybe you have heard of the other term used to call these – smart toilets.

These toilets truly are a revolution in bathroom furnishings.

In this post, we are reviewing the 5 best toilets with bidet that you must check out if you are planning to buy one.

  • Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet
  • TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet
  • VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090SA Smart Toilet
  • Ove Decors Virtuoso Bidet Toilet
  • TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H

What Is A Toilet Bidet Combo?

A toilet bidet combo is a toilet bowl that comes with an attached bidet.

In other words, the bidet is not a separate attachment here; it is built into the toilet body itself.

Thus, there is no scenario of the bidet seat eating up bowl opening space or needing installment or regular detachment and cleaning.

You clean your toilet, you clean your bidet. Instead of being supplied from the main water supply, the bidet wand is fed by the same source as the flush, ie, the tank or the cistern.

This definitely does not mean you will be washed by dirty water: it just means that instead of there being two inlets for the two outlets, a single inlet and repository provides water to both outlets, which, to start with, is clean in both cases.

5 Best Toilets With Bidet

We have compiled a list of the top toilet bidet combos in the market right now:

Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

Woodbridge has quickly cemented its position in the bidet industry as one of the most authoritative brands there is.

It makes toilet bidet combos that have an intelligent design to give people a satisfying wash every time they use the toilet.

Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet
Woodbridge T-0008 Bidet Toilet

The T-0008 is the epitome of the design genius of Woodbridge.

It comes with all the design elements you would expect from a bidet company like Woodbridge.

Moreover, it has a modern-looking design that upgrades any bathroom you add it to.

A clever combination of looks and functionality makes this smart toilet a winner.
Its best features are:

Perfect fit: The T-0008 is a one-piece bidet toilet combo that does not have the commonest problem of separate toilets and bidets fit.

The bidet seat sits flush with the toilet bowl and makes your toilet look bespoke.

Sleek and sophisticated design: This Woodbridge bidet has one of the most modern and stylish designs you could want for your bathroom.

If your bathroom exudes a modernistic aesthetic, this is the perfect toilet bidet combo for you.

Optimum wash: You will find that this bidet comes with the washing capabilities that you need for the perfect wash every time, no matter why you used the toilet.

From having separate posterior and feminine washes, adjustable water pressure, a pulsating and oscillating water stream feature, and hygienic, filtered water in the bidet wand, you can get a refreshing wash every time.

Full attention to comfort: Besides the basic functionality, the Woodbridge T-0008 also includes a water heater with continuous warm water, a warm air dryer, and seat heating with five adjustable temperature settings for full comfort.

Best in automation: This toilet bidet combo comes with a number of convenience features like energy-saving mode, quick-release seat for cleaning and maintenance, self-cleaning stainless steel nozzles as well as a safety on/off sensor to save you the effort of maintaining the bidet yourself.

Quiet yet powerful flush: One of the best features of this bidet toilet combo is its glazed flush system.

It minimizes the noise of flushing without compromising on the quality or power of the flush.

You can check out the toilet bidet combo here.

TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet

If you have done even a little bit of research into bidets, you will know that Toto is the market leader in the industry.

No one makes bidets quite as Toto does.

The same can be said about its toilet bidet combos.

TOTO Washlet with Integrated Toilet
TOTO Washlet with Integrated Toilet

The G400 is one of the best offerings in the toilet bidet combo segment by Toto.

It excels in the functionality department just as it does in the design area.

Moreover, it is certified by the best authorities like ADA, WaterSense, and CAL Green, so you know that what Toto advertises is exactly what it delivers with this smart toilet.

Here are the best features to convince you:
Convenient design: The Toto G400 integrated bidet toilet comes in a sleek shape and skirted design with universal height.

This not only makes cleaning the toilet easier but also ensures that it is accessible to everyone.

Full water stream control: You can tailor every characteristic of the water stream for an optimum wash each time.

It has five temperature and pressure settings as well as wand position adjustability for an all-around wash after every use.

Moreover, there are separate front and rear washes along with a soft rear wash.

Optimal flush every time: Like any Toto bidet toilet, the G400 has the best flush features besides wash ones.

It comes with the automatic Dual-Max flush that intelligently assesses the required flush volume to prevent over or under-flushing.

The 3D Tornado Flush ensures that there is never any clogging no matter how much you went.

Automation at its best: A number of automation features adorn this Toto model.

You get auto opening and closing of the lid as well as auto flushing for a hands-free experience,

Self-cleaning features: As expected, the bidet wand has an auto-clean mode to wash it out every time.

But, besides that, the toilet is also CeFiONtect glazed and has a Premist feature to ensure zero adherence upon use.

Comfort all the way: As a top-tier, luxury toilet bidet combo, this model comes with seat warming and an air dryer for complete comfort use as well as an air deodorizer to prevent embarrassing smells from filling the bathroom.

Learn more about the product here.


Another well-known name in the bidet market is VOVO.

It may not be as popular as Toto but it is coming out with equally impressive bidets and toilet bidet combos.

VOVO is a company that you can trust blindly when buying a toilet bidet combo for your bathroom.


The TCB-090SA is the most advanced model in the VOVO TC series.

Naturally, it also has the best features and functionality among them.

Its luxurious design coupled with intelligent features ensures that you will be satisfied with your wash after using the toilet every single time.

Check out its best features here:

Comfortable seating: The TCB-090SA has a wider seating rim surface area that makes it more comfortable to sit on when using the toilet than most other smart toilets.

Couple that with seat warming and you will never be uncomfortable using the toilet.

Luxury features: Besides seat warming, the integrated toilet also has an air deodorization and air dryer with three temperature settings that complete the wash and makes using the toilet a pleasant experience.

Complete hands-free operation: The automation features of this toilet are exemplary.

From an auto open and close system to auto dual flush and auto air deodorization to wireless remote control, you will not have to touch the toilet even once.

Three wash modes: The bidet has three nozzles for three kinds of wash.

Besides the default front and rear washes, there is a Turbo wash for an extra-clean wash.

The bidet also has five pressure adjustments for each wash mode.

Eco-friendly usage: As any bidet toilet, this one also helps save the environment by reducing toilet paper usage. But more than that, it has a power-saving mode that reduces energy consumption intelligently.

Equipped with a nightlight:  The TCB-090SA comes equipped with a nightlight to help you see the toilet at night in the dark without having to fumble around.

The illumination is subtle and perfect for nighttime use.

Click here to find out more about this integrated bidet.

Ove Decors Virtuoso Bidet Toilet

Ove Decors is one of the up-and-coming brands in the bidet scene.

It is revolutionizing the idea that even luxury bidet toilet combos can be pocket-friendly and the common man does not have to burn a hole in their pocket to get a feature-loaded product in their bathrooms.

Ove Decors Virtuoso Bidet Toilet
Ove Decors Virtuoso Bidet Toilet

The Virtuoso Bidet Toilet from Ove Decors is a perfect example of that.

It has every feature you can expect from any superior integrated bidet toilet from a famed brand but without the hefty price tag.

But do not be fooled.

The brand does compromise with quality even if its bidets are on the affordable side.

Check out some of its noteworthy features:

Full water stream customization: The Virtuoso has a top-of-the-line bidet attachment.

It has separate rear and feminine washes with the ability to adjust the nozzle position in five different angles.

You can also control the water pressure with five different levels.

Built-in memory settings: This Ove Decors bidet toilet comes with built-in memory settings that adjust the water as well as the seat settings according to the preference of the user.

Complete temperature adjustability: You can modulate the temperature of the wash water, the seat as well as the drying air with this bidet.

There are four temperature settings for all three features.

Remote-controlled operation: You get a full remote-controlled operation with the Ove Decors Virtuoso toilet bidet combo.

On top of that, there is a control keypad on the toilet seat itself so that even if you cannot find the controller at the moment, you do not have to find yourself in an awkward situation.

Superior secondary feature: The Virtuosos also includes the air deodorization feature to prevent unfriendly smells after using the toilet.

Moreover, there is also a calm blue LED nightlight to assist you during nighttime toilet usage.

Eco-friendly yet powerful: This toilet bidet combo has an Eco-Efficiency mode that helps save the environment in a two-pronged manner.

It not only conserves electricity but also saves the amount of water used.

Find more details about this product from here. (link to Amazon)

TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H

We are back with another Toto product on the list. This is expected, as Toto is, after all, the one company that you can depend on with your eyes closed when it comes to any type of bidet product.

This bidet is proof of that.

TOTO MS992CUMFG Toilet Bidet
TOTO MS992CUMFG Toilet Bidet 

The Neorest 700H promises to transform your dull and boring bathroom experience into a spa-like one.

And it definitely delivers on its word.

It comes with a range of premium features that will make using the toilet a transcendental experience.

If you are looking for the best for your bathroom, the Neorest will deliver.

Built to stay clean: Neorest’s Clean Synergy technology is built to ensure that no matter how or how many times you use the bathroom, the toilet remains clean.

The Tornado Flush is a hole-free rim flush system with dual-nozzle bowel cleansing.

A Cefiontect glaze on the toilet bowl coupled with the EWater+ electrolyzed water misting function prevents any adherence of particles or germs to the wall.

Automated hands-free technology: Not only is the Neorest fully remote-controlled but many of its functions are also automated to allow hands-free usage.

It has auto- flush technology as well as the auto open and close lid.

Completely customizable water stream: Neorest, as expected, has separate front, rear, and soft rear wash.

But you will also get oscillating and pulsating water streams along with that. Besides these, you can fully control the water temperature, pressure, and volume for every wash.

Added luxury features: You get seat warming, air drying, and air deodorization in the Neorest 700H.

These features ensure that using the toilet is a pleasant and luxurious experience every time.

A study in efficiency: Water usage efficiency is something that the Toto Neorest takes very seriously.

It has dual flush technology of 1.0 + 0.8 gallons per flush that gives a powerful clean while saving 45% of water per flush.

Durable and accessible design: Toto uses only the industry-best materials when building its bidets and the Neorest is no different.

Moreover, the design is thoughtfully made so that the toilet is accessible to all kinds of people, especially children, seniors, and disabled people.

Click here to check it on Amazon.

Features Of Toilet Bidet Combos To Look Out For

If you are looking at a toilet bidet combo, you will obviously have to look at both toilet and bidet features, as follows:

Toilet Features

Mount Type: In a toilet bidet combo, there are usually three styles in which the pieces come.

The first is the close-coupled one, in which the cistern and the toilet bowl are combined in a one-piece body.

The second is the back-to-wall type, where the back of the toilet bowl lays flat against the wall while the tank is either fitted into the wall or some furniture piece.

The last is the wall-hung type, where the toilet bowl is attached to the wall only and completely off the floor.

Here too, the cistern is hidden like the back-to-wall one.

Bowl Shape: Like conventional toilets, toilet bidet combos can have the toilet bowl in an elongated, round, or square shape.

The reason you must make your judgment even more carefully for toilet bidet combos is that you will have to adjust your sitting position to an optimum one for washing with the bidet.

So the shape must be comfortable and accommodating.

Air Dryer: Most toilet bidet combos nowadays come with an air dryer. Many will also provide warming and temperature control for the dryer.

This is an attempt at completely phasing out the use of toilet paper from modern bathrooms.

Seat Warming: Modern bidet toilet combo models also usually have the feature of seat warming.

This is especially useful in winter, where you absolutely do not want your bare skin touching the icy cold toilet bowl surface and experiencing discomfort while using the toilet.

Air Deodorizer: We all know how embarrassing it is to use the toilet and leave it stinky for the next person who goes in.

There is no judgment involved; it is just something unpleasant.

If you do not want to go to the bathroom armed with a room freshener every time, a toilet bidet combo with the air deodorizer feature is your best friend.

Night Light: Nobody wants to stumble around the bathroom if they need to use the toilet at night.

Sure, the light switch is there.

But would it not be much more sophisticated if your toilet lit up by itself when you approached it?

A night light does exactly that for you.

Operation (Remote Control, Control Panel): Toilet bidet combos come with two options when talking about their operation.

The first is the remote controller, which allows you to have a completely hands-free experience using the toilet.

The second is the control panel, which is attached to the toilet and hence, has no chance of getting misplaced.

Handsfree Operation (Lid Auto sensor, Autoflush): There are some special features a toilet bidet combo can have to make using the toilet completely hands-free.

The first is the auto sensor, which automatically raises the toilet lid and activates the necessary systems when you approach the toilet.

The second is autoflush, which detects when you get up from the toilet and automatically flushes it.

Memory Settings: If you do not want to have to set your wash preferences every time you use the toilet, get a toilet bidet combo that allows setting and saving user preferences.

That way, you will be able to wash your privates at the click of a button.

Power Efficiency: In today’s age when sustainability is a huge deal in every process and product, your toilet cum bidet should not be left behind.

A power-efficient bidet will keep track of your toilet habits so that power is not consumed at any other time.

Bidet Features

Multiple Nozzles: Any good smart toilet should have a bidet wand featuring multiple nozzles for different kinds of washes – front wash, rear wash, and self-cleaning mode.

This provides better control and more washing modes to be incorporated into the bidet.

Wand Movement (Oscillating): An oscillating wand provides the advantage of giving a wide, all-round wash to your private parts after using the toilet.

You do not have to worry about adjusting yourself on the toilet seat to make the water stream hit at the right place – the wand will do it for you.

Water Stream Adjustment: Modern smart toilets provide water stream adjustments like a pulsating stream, soft or aerated stream, wash direction, and so on.

For a fully tailored washing experience, you should look for these features.

Pressure Adjustment: Pressure adjustment is a crucial feature that the bidet should have.

The water force that is mild for someone may be too hard for you.

A toilet bidet combo is a long-time investment and you do not want to be stuck with a single pressure setting.

Warm Water: It is always a bonus point if the toilet has the arrangement to supply warm water to the bidet.

While a separate warm water tank is not impossible, most toilet bidet combos will use in-built water heaters to make the toilet compact.

Auto-clean: An essential element of a toilet bidet combo is the self-cleaning feature.

It is very difficult or impossible to uninstall a combined bidet to clean it; so it must have the feature to do it by itself.

It is always a bonus if it also has the feature to wet the toilet bowl before use so that waste does not stick to it.

Why Choose A Toilet Bidet Combo Over A Bidet Seat

If you are in the process of comparing bidet seats and toilet bidet combos and contemplating which to buy, let us do it for you:

Better Wash: A toilet bidet combo provides a much better wash than a bidet seat simply because it is attached to the cistern.

The bidet seat is a slave to the main water supply.

But in the smart toilet, the bidet has a large water supply already in-store to provide water from.

More Features: Because toilet bidet combos form the next generation of washing apparatus, they obviously have more and better features.

Even the lower-range smart toilets come with the features only high-end, electric bidet seats have.

No Separate Installation: When you get a toilet bidet combo, you do not have to worry about separately installing the toilet and the bidet.

In one installation process, you get both your toilet and bidet operational.

No Separate Cleaning Hassle: Bidet seats have to be detached occasionally to clean them out.

Toilet bidet combos save you that hassle entirely as they come in a single body.

Lower Cost Than Separate Toilet And Bidet Seat: If you calculate the cost of buying a toilet, buying a separate bidet seat, installing them separately, finding the right attachment pieces, and so on, you will realize that the cumulative cost comes to be higher than simply getting a toilet bidet combo.

How Much Does A Toilet Bidet Combo Cost

Unlike what most people think, toilet bidet combos are not extremely costly. Most of them fall in the same range as a bidet seat itself.

Of course, they will be slightly costlier than a bidet seat with the same features, the overall cost will be lower, as we have already mentioned.

The price range of the average toilet bidet combo lies between $200 and $800.

However, as with any equipment or appliance, there will always be some luxurious options.

In smart toilets, the luxury models start at around $1000 and can go up to as high as $9000.


Investing in a toilet bidet combo is the best idea if you are building your own house or renovating your bathroom.

They have several advantages over plain bidet seats.

Plus, they are more advanced and sophisticated in look and design, which every modern homeowner wants.

Our list of toilet bidet combos is the best and most popular in the market.

If you want a model you can trust blindly, these are the ones to go with.


Are there toilet bidet combos?

Toilet bidet combos have started becoming more common and popular in the market.

Most brands that sell bidet seats also sell toilet bidet combos.

Are bidet toilets sanitary?

Bidet toilets are actually more sanitary than toilet paper.

Wiping does not clean you entirely.

It is only thorough washing that does.

Are bidet toilets worth it?

Bidet toilets are completely worth your investment.

They only have an upfront cost and saves you thousands of dollars worth of toilet paper every year.

They are also cleaner and healthier.

Do bidet toilets need electricity?

Bidet toilet combos most usually need electricity.

However, manually operated models also do exist. But, they are not as good or feature-loaded as the electric ones.

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