Bidets With Warm Water And Dryer

5 Best Bidets With Warm Water And Dryer: Bye Bye Cold Toilet Seats

There was a time when bidets were considered a part of either the bathrooms of posh residences or European toilets, where it first got popular.

There was a misconception that bidets were luxury items and not a necessity for hygiene and health.

But that myth is slowly being dispelled as people are realizing the advantages of washing over wiping.

They are adopting the bidet into their bathrooms.

However, this has resulted in the question being turned towards the need for certain features in their bidets, namely those of warm water and air drying.

Here are the 5 best bidets with warm water and dryer that will make your life easier on winter days:

  • TOTO S300E Electronic Bidet Toilet
  • Lotus ATS-1000 Smart Bidet
  • Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000
  • Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet
  • ALPHA JX Bidet Toilet Seat

Do You Really Need A Bidet With Warm Water And Air Dryer

A question that most people looking to buy a bidet or upgrade from their old one will have is if they really should stretch their budget to include the features of warm water and air drying in the bidet.

If the weather where you live is mostly warm or you are buying the bidet in summer, these features may come across as needless to you.

But every place experiences cold weather someday or the other.

Do you really wish to be hit by a jet of freezing water from the bidet in your private parts during those days?

Or, would you like to keep getting up and bring hot water from the tap as the water heater whirrs in the distance?

If you are a wise buyer, we presume you do not.

This is why warm water is necessary.

Moreover, warm water also helps soothe soreness and aches if you are dealing with constipation, acid, hemorrhoids, or periods.

And of course, some people prefer warm water over cold water down there, just like with showers.

On the other hand, the need for air drying is more out of concern for the environment as responsible citizens than for yourself.

Utilizing the air dryer bypasses the need to use toilet paper at all, reducing deforestation and paper waste and helping keep the ecosystem as healthy as possible.

5 Best Bidets With Warm Water And Dryer

The following are the most popular and best-quality bidets in the market that have warm water and air drying as part of their feature list:

TOTO S300E Electronic Bidet Toilet

If you are buying a bidet for the first time or looking for one that will be guaranteed to satisfy your needs, look no further than Toto.

It is the industry leader in bidets and is the most trusted name for people everywhere.

TOTO S300E Electronic Bidet Toilet
TOTO S300E Electronic Bidet Toilet

Toto’s S300E is a popular model that includes warm water and air dryer functionalities.

Combined with a range of other commendable features, the S300E is a fantastic choice for people looking for a bidet that has all the standard features expected from a brand like Toto.

Here is a rundown of its features:

Instant, continuous, and total warm water: The S300E uses an in-built water heating coil that allows it to supply a continuous stream of warm water from the instant you turn it on to as long as you want.

 Temperature-controllable air dryer: Not every bidet with an air dryer allows temperature control but you cannot expect anything but the best from Toto.

The air dryer of the S300E allows you to control the temperature of the warm water draught for optimum drying.

Comfortable and adjustable spray: The S300E uses Air-in Wonder Wave technology to provide bubble-infused water in the bidet stream ensuring a comfortable wash.

Moreover, you get the rear wash, soft rear wash, and front wash modes, adjustable wand position, and pressure control for an optimum wash.

Self-cleaning bidet: Using Premist technology, the bidet wets the toilet bowl walls before use to prevent waste adherence.

Moreover, EWater+ self-cleans the wand on the inside and outside before and after every wash to maintain hygiene.

Easy, hands-free control:  The S300E is remote controlled, which is expected of a bidet in this segment.

But, the feature in this bidet that lets you get the best out of warm water and air drying functionalities is the preset user memory setting.

You can save up to two user preferences for quick access.

Amazing secondary features: Besides the above, the S300E also has SoftClose lids, seat warming, and air deodorizer.

All these features help transform your bathroom experience into an even better one.

For more information, click here and check it on Amazon.

Lotus ATS-1000 Smart Bidet

Lotus brings to the market some of the most advanced bidets you have seen.

If you want to convert your home and bathroom into a smart one, Lotus is one of the most trusted and reputable brands to go with.

Lotus ATS-1000 Smart Bidet
Lotus ATS-1000 Smart Bidet 

As the name suggests, the Lotus ATS-1000 model is a smart bidet.

It has every feature that you need to have a comfortable and convenient wash after using the toilet.

It elevates your bathroom experience and ensures that using the toilet is no longer an unpleasant affair.

Its most noteworthy features include:

Instant hot water with temperature control: The ATS-1000 provides instant warm water so you do not have to wait for the warm water to come after using the toilet.

It has three adjustable temperature levels to let you use the one you are most comfortable with.

Five-temperature air dryer: It is difficult to find bidets that have temperature control for the air dryer at all.

But the Lotus ATS-1000 not only has an air dryer with temperature control but also packs in five temperature settings for an optimum experience.

Highly customizable wash: The ATS-1000 has four modes – the normal rear and feminine washes, the comforting Massage wash, and the patented, relieving Purestream wash for those with constipation.

It also has five pressure settings for perfect control of the water stream power.

Carbon filter air deodorizer: Lotus’ ATS-1000 comes with a special carbon filter air deodorizer.

This ensures that the air is not only freed of all air but also completely filtered to keep the bathroom air fresh.

Energy-saving mode: The ATS-1000 helps in conserving the environment with its energy-saving mode that reduces power consumption.

The plus point is that it also helps reduce your electricity bills.

Smart seat features: The ATS-1000 comes with seat warming which makes using the toilet comfortable, especially in winter.

The lid and seat are also soft-closing to reduce any damaging impact on the surface.

Check out the details of this bidet here.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

Bio Bidet is one of the top bidet companies in the world today.

Its bidets are all of high quality with a load of useful features that can blow even the toughest critic of the bidet away.

Its models are some of the most highly coveted ones by bidet users.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000
Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 

The BB2000 has, since its introduction, been in great demand among customers.

Its attractive and highly functional range of features has convinced many to choose it over other brands or models or even switch over to this one.

Here is what makes the BB2000 special:

Triple nozzle bidet wand: The BB2000 has a three-nozzles-in-one wand for three different wash modes.

These are the posterior wash, feminine wash, and vortex wash.

It also has an additional hydro flush cleaning mode for the self-cleaning of the wand.

Water stream adjustment for comfort: This bidet has a nozzle adjustment facility that allows you to direct the water stream exactly where needed.

Moreover, you can get an oscillating as well as a pulsating water stream for the perfect wash.

Complete temperature adjustment: You can adjust the temperature of the water stream and the drying air as well as the seat warming for an optimum experience.

The hybrid heating technology provides a constant stream of warm water.

Dual control system: The Bio Bidet BB2000 is remote-controlled for easy operation.

But it also comes with a night-lit side panel with core functions so that you are not stranded if you cannot find the remote controller.

Eco-friendly bidet: The washing and drying capabilities of the bidet help save toilet paper usage.

Moreover, the energy-saving mode of the bidet reduces electricity consumption and conserves power.

Long warranty: Most bidet brands only give a one-year warranty on their products.

But Bio Bidet really knows how to put the minds of their customers at ease with a whopping three-year warranty.

Check out the full features of this bidet here. (link to Amazon)

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet

Brondell is quite a well-known name in the world of bidets.

It has a really awesome range of bidets starting from high-end and luxury ones to mid-budget and affordable ones.

All of them are equally in high demand due to the attention to quality that Brondell gives.

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet
Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet

The Swash 1400 is one of the models on the higher end of the luxury spectrum.

It lives up to its reputation as a bidet for the modern, smart bathroom.

It has every feature you would want from a bidet bearing the Brondell

Swash tag and is absolutely worth the money.

Its best features include:

High level of wash customization: You can come up with numerous combinations and natures of washes to find the one that suits you best.

Besides front and rear wash, you get seven nozzle positions, wand oscillation, spray pressure, temperature, and width adjustment, aerated spray, and endless warm water for a completely tailored wash.

Dual nozzles for hygienic wash: The Swash 1400 uses two separate nozzles for its two wash modes instead of one.

This ensures that there is no compromise in hygiene at any point.

Automation at its best: There is an auto wash mode in the Swash 1400 for the most optimized wash.

You also have two user memory settings to save your preference and activate it at the press of a single button.

Feature-loaded: Brondell’s Swash 1400 has the most amazing list of features besides continuous warm water and sir drying with temperature control.

You also get nozzle sterilization, air deodorizer, night light, seat warming, quick-release seat, and gentle-close lid.

Easy installation: The Brondell Swash 1400 is very easy to install.

You can do it yourself in less than an hour using just a few steps as the manual will tell.

You will not even need to call a plumber.

Available in two shapes: Unlike most bidets, the Swash 1400 is available in both elongated and round shapes.

That means you can enjoy its benefits no matter what the shape of your toilet bowl is.

Find out more about this bidet on Amazon.

ALPHA JX Bidet Toilet Seat

Alpha is not one of the brand names in the bidet market that people swear by but it has its own dedicated customer base.

Those who have used an Alpha bidet know that they have some of the best and most reliable models out there.

ALPHA JX Bidet Toilet Seat
ALPHA JX Bidet Toilet Seat

The Alpha JX is one such model. It has an amazing list of features that makes it an enviable model to own for your bathroom.

If you want to upgrade your toilet to a smart one but do not have the budget for one of the flashier, pricier models, then you will find a winner in the Alpha JX.

This list of features prove why:

Best in warm water and air dryer features: With the Alpha JX, you get an on-demand and endless stream of warm water.

Thus, neither do you have to wait for the warm water to come nor will the warm water stream get cold in the middle of your wash.

Moreover, you can adjust the temperature for both the warm water and the air-drying flow.

Highly adjustable water stream: The bidet allows both rear wash and front feminine wash.

The spray pressure and nozzle positions can be adjusted and you can also get an oscillating water stream.

Easy-to-use remote control: Alpha ensured that its JX bidet is accessible to everyone by using a simple and easy-to-use interface on its remote controller.

No more struggling to figure out how to operate the bidet.

Best in bidet design: This bidet has a sleek and sophisticated design that perfectly fits the modern bathroom.

Its tankless design ensures that the toilet and bidet do not take up too much space, which is especially useful in small-sized bathrooms.

One-tap modes: The Alpha JX has two one-touch modes that make it extremely easy to use.

The Easy Wash mode can be used for a full-pressure, oscillating rear wash while the Wash & Dry mode does a full rear wash cycle followed by a full drying cycle.

Accessory features: Besides the above list of features, the Alpha JX also has seat warming and a white LED night light with an ambient light sensor that elevates your bathroom experience.

Get to know more about this bidet from here.

Factors To Consider When Judging The Warm Water And Air Dryer Functionalities

When you are considering buying a bidet, you must not just look at whether it has warm water and air drying but also the distinct specifications associated with each.

Here, we will look at the important factors to look out for when judging the warm water and air dryer features in a bidet:

Warm Water Features

Type of Flow: The warm water feature comes in two ways in bidets. One is the continuous flow and the other is the reservoir.

In bidets with continuous flow warm water, there is a water heating coil built into the bidet plumbing that keeps heating the water as it passes from the water supply to the bidet nozzle.

Conversely, the reservoir type works by storing hot water in the tank and passing it when needed.

It is obvious that the continuous flow type will be costlier than the reservoir type because it can give as much hot water as you want instead of the set volume of the reservoir.

Temperature range: Different bidets with warm water provide different temperature ranges in which you can control the temperature of the warm water coming to you.

Now you may think that the higher the temperature range, the better it is.

But that is not entirely true. Sure, a higher temperature range does cater to the needs and preferences of more people.

But there is a catch to it that is discussed in the next point.

The number of temperature settings: Consider the hypothetical scenario.

The temperature range provided in two bidets for warm water is 100°F to 120°F.

The first bidet has three temperature settings, allowing you to have warm water of temperature 100°F, 110°F, and 120°F only.

Now the second bidet has five temperature settings, which means you can get water at temperature 100°F, 105°F, 110°F, 115°F, and 120°F.

It goes without saying that the bidet with more temperature settings is better.

Air Dryer Features

Power and Airflow:  The power and airflow of the air dryer are an indication of how strong and wide the drying air is.

The higher these measures are, the faster you will dry, and the less will be the need to use toilet paper.

Cycle length: The cycle length is the duration for which one session of the drying air flows.

A longer cycle length dries you more without a doubt.

But it also consumes more power and increases your electricity bill.

Temperature range: As with warm water, the temperature range of the air dryer determines how much the bidet can cater to the preferences of people.

A higher temperature range will ensure that more people find it comfortable to use.

The number of temperature settings: Again as with the warm water feature, a higher temperature range is not enough if there are fewer temperature settings to go with it.

Always find a balance between the temperature range and the number of temperature settings for the best results.

The number of speed settings: An additional feature that the air dryer may include is the number of speed settings on it.

Similar to the power of the air dryer, high speed ensures faster drying.

Therefore, the more the speed settings, the better.

User Memory Settings: Why It is Important For Bidets With Warm Water And Air Dryer

Nowadays, most electric bidets automatically have user memory settings.

This helps to save the water temperature and air dryer settings, besides the water flow type and pressure settings, that are preferable to you.

When you use the toilet, you do not have to set every feature each time.

All you have to do is press a single button and the preferences you set will be automatically implemented.

This saves a lot of time and effort and makes the bidet a truly convenient one


A bidet can be a true blessing in upgrading your toilet experience as well as the hygiene of your cleaning practice after using the toilet.

However, this works out only if you are wise in choosing a bidet with the right features.

Warm water and air drying are two such features that you should not forego just to save a few bucks.

The list of bidets compiled here are the best ones in the market that include these features and will help you in making your choice easier.


Is a warm water bidet worth it?

A bidet with warm water definitely makes your toilet experience more comfortable and convenient.

Especially in the winter days, you will be thankful that your bidet has this feature built into it.

Do they make bidets with dryers?

There are numerous bidets in the market that include air dryers as one of their features.

In fact, most bidets nowadays make it a point to have an air dryer built into it.

How do you dry off after using a bidet?

You can dry off using your bidet if it has the air-drying feature in it.

If your bidet has an air dryer built in it, then you can simply follow the respective instructions for the bidet to use it.

You can even save it using the memory preset user settings if the bidet has the feature.

Can a non-electric bidet have warm water?

There are plenty of non-electric bidets that provide warm water.

The bidet connects with the hot water system of your main water supply to provide warm water in the flow.

How does a non-electric bidet warm the water?

Non-electric bidets that provide warm water supplies that directly from your water supply.

If your main water supply has the system to supply hot water o your tap and shower, you will get the same flow in your bidet water too.

How do I make my bidet water warm?

Well, if your bidet comes with the warm water feature then you can easily turn on the settings and get warm water.

But if it doesn’t then there is no way you can get warm water out of it.

You will simply have to change your bidet.

Can you add a dryer to a bidet?

You cannot add a dryer to a bidet that does come with an inbuilt one.

You want a dryer on your bidet, you will have to upgrade to a better bidet that has a dryer.

And our number recommendation is Brondell Swash 1400 bidet.

Is there a bidet that uses warm water?

Yes, there are a number of bidets that use warm water.

In fact, all the bidets mentioned in the article have the warm water feature.

Check out our review to find out which one is best for you.

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