Can You Install A Bidet On Any Toilet

Can You Install A Bidet On Any Toilet

With increasing awareness about the benefits of using bidets, more are more people are getting interested in getting a bidet installed in their toilets.

And with all this pandemic thing going on in the world, the demand for bidets is more than ever.

One of the most frequent questions that am asked about bidets from someone new to it is, can I install a bidet on any toilet?

And I totally get it. It is a valid question for someone who hasn’t used a bidet ever.

So If you are someone who is thinking of getting a bidet installed in your toilet then this article is for you.

Okay with that said, let me answer the question quickly first.

Yes, you can install a bidet on any toilet. Most of the toilets are either in elongated shape or round shape. And both elongated and round bidets are available in the market these days. So all you need to know is the shape and dimension of your toilet and you can get a bidet that perfectly fits your toilet.

Let us dive into the topic in detail.

Can You Install A Bidet On Any Toilet

As I said before, yes, you can install a bidet on any toilet.

But it has to be the right bidet in terms of dimension.

Now why I am saying that is because toilets mainly come in two different shapes.

  1. Elongated Toilets
  2. Round toilets.

And therefore there are two types of bidets seats as well for each type of toilet.

One for elongated toilets and one for round toilets.

You need to investigate your toilet type before buying a bidet.

That way you make sure that you buy the right bidet for your toilet that fits well.

How to Find the Right Bidet For Your Toilet

Shape Of The Toilet

The most common type of toilet is the one with elongated seats.

It is also called elongated toilets.

You will find elongated toilets everywhere.

Almost 95% of the toilets that I used in my life are elongated once.

Heck, my own bathroom has an elongated toilet.

The other types of bidet based on the shape are round toilets and rectangular toilets but their numbers are very small.

What I want to say here is to know your toilet before getting a bidet for it.

Examine your toilet and learn if it is an elongated toilet or a round one.

Dimension of the bidet

Now that you what shape your toilet is, the next step is to know the dimensions of the toilet.

Knowing the dimension of your toilet will help you to find the right bidet that fits it perfectly.

The dimension of an elongated toilet is around 16.5×14 inches and the dimension of a round toilet is around 14.5×14 inches.

Please measure the dimension of your toilet seat before you buy a bidet.

Toilet size

So if you go out to buy a bidet in the offline market, do check the dimension and size of the bidet and make sure it would fit your toilet.

On the other hand, if you plan to buy the bidet online, then thoroughly check the size and dimension of the bidet in the product description section.

Believe me, doing that will save you from a lot of hassle.

Working Of The Bidet

Well, there are electric bidets and non-slectirc bidets.

They are available for elongated toilets as well as round toilets.

The main difference is, as the name suggests, the electric bidet uses electricity to work, and a non-electric bidet works without electricity.

Now, electric bidets have a lot of features like a warm air dryer, heated seat, LED night light. that are not available in a non-electric.

The non-electric bidet has the basic functionality of spraying water and a self-cleaning nozzle.

So, you have to decide whether you want an electric bidet with a lot of functionality or a non-electric bidet that has limited features but is cheap.

Weight Capacity

Most bidets available today are rated to support 300-350 pounds.

But if you want a bidet for heavy people then there are some bidets that have 350 to 500 pounds weight capacity.

The cost of the bidet also depends on the weight it can support.

So make sure you know your requirements and choose the right bidet accordingly.


As I said earlier, bidets come in a vast price range.

Bidets start from the $70 price mark and go up to $2500.

And like anything else, you get what you pay for.

The low price range bidets have basic functionalities like a self-cleaning nozzle but as you go into higher price brackets, you will get a bidet with an air dryer, seat warmer, remote control, and LED lights.

Final Words

With the increasing popularity of bidets, manufacturers are producing them in every shape and size now.

And that might become confusing if you are new to bidets.

I hope that this article was helpful in understanding all the things you need to know about your toilet before buying to bidet to install on it.

Still, if you have any doubts, leave them in the comment section and I will definitely answer them.

Thanks for reading.


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