Best Heated Toilet Seat Bidets

5 Best Heated Bidet Toilet Seats [2024]: Expert’s Top Picks

When you decide to buy a bidet, there are a number of features that you have to consider.

You want to choose the best set of features for your bidet according to your priorities and budget before you start making a shortlist of models to consider.

Earlier, bidets used to be quite simple bathroom amenities, with just the features to spray water to clean your private parts and provide warm water when the hot water tap was used.

Best Heated Toilet Seat Bidets

Image Bidet Features Size Check Price
TOTO K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet Optimum seat warming, Self-cleaning properties, One-touch memory settings 20.88 x 15.13 x 5.19 inches
Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Adjustable heated seat, Multi-functional wand, Hybrid water heating 21 x 15.6 x 9 inches
BidetMate 2000 Series Bidet Seat warming, 5 washing modes, Unlimited hot water ‎22.7 x 20.9 x 7.6 inches
ALPHA JX Heated Bidet Seat Tankless water heating, Adjustable seat warming, Sophisticated night light ‎20.8 x 15.1 x 5.5 inches
Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet Controllable seat temperature, Auto mode, Budget-friendly 19.55 x 15.2 x 5.75 inches

However, bidets have become much more advanced nowadays and come with a range of attractive features that you would want to pick out.

One such feature is that of seat warming in toilet bidet seats.

You might think this is more of a redundant, luxury feature.

However, in this article, I will talk about how this feature can provide some really good benefits to your bathroom experience.

Do You Need A Heated Bidet?

Bidets nowadays have many useful accessory features like the water heater, air dryer, night light, and so on.

This bevy of features includes seat warming. Earlier, this used to be a feature in high-end bidets only.

But, slowly and surely, it has trickled into almost all mid-range and most low-range bidets too.

The reason is that this feature provides a lot of benefits and has become almost an indispensable part of the bidet experience.

To begin with, a heated bidet seat gives a highly comfortable and therapeutic feeling when you are using the toilet, especially for those who hate the feeling of touching cold surfaces, be it metal furniture, utensils, or the plastic of your bathroom equipment surfaces.

But that is not all.

Even if you are not fazed by cold surfaces in general, you will still feel a rude shock when you suddenly sit on the toilet during cold days, especially the winter months.

It is always a relief when you are welcomed by a warmed seat when you sit on the toilet.

And it is not like you have to spend a lot of extra money to get a bidet with seat warming that if you got a bidet without.

There will hardly be a difference of a few tens of dollars between a bidet with and without seat warming.

If you are already investing in a bidet, it makes sense to spend a little extra to get one that will truly elevate your toilet experience.

5 Best Heated Bidet Toilet Seats

Modern bidets have a huge range of features, which can make it difficult to assess every different feature separately.

That is why I have compiled a list of the best bidets in the market with the seat warming feature.

TOTO K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet

Any person looking to buy a bidet knows they cannot ever go wrong with Toto.

The company has made a name for itself in the washlet department and is the go-to brand for most bidet customers, a first-time user or not.

TOTO SW3036#01 K300
TOTO K300 Bidet

The K300 is the epitome of Toto models.

It falls on the higher end of the low-range spectrum of bidets but it totally surpasses most mid-range and even some high-end models of other companies.

This is the bidet toilet seat of choice if one of your priorities is seat warming.

A few of its best features include:

Optimum seat warming: Unlike many shoddy pieces of design, the Toto K300 provides warming over the entire seat surface area.

Moreover, it maintains the temperature of the seat for optimum comfort.

Comfortable wash: The Air-in Wonder Wave feature of the bidet infuses air bubbles into every water droplet leaving the bidet nozzle.

This makes the water stream gentle and comfortable on your private parts while washing.

One-touch memory settings: Toto’s K300 provides two user memory settings.

You can save your preferred combination of washing, drying, and other features in the setting.

Later, when you need to use the toilet, you can activate your preferred combo with just one touch.

Self-cleaning properties: The K300 has a number of self-cleaning features.

For one, its outer surface is made of a repulsive material that does not let any waste stick to it.

It uses the Premist feature to wet the toilet bowl before use to prevent the adherence of any particles to it.

It also cleans the inside and outside of the bidet wand before and after every toilet use.

Instant warm water: With the K300, you have the luxury of access to instant warm water every time you use the toilet.

The bidet provides a continuous stream of warm water for your benefit.

DIY installation: The Toto K300 might be a loaded bidet, but its installation is very easy.

You do not need any professionals. You can install it yourself in less than an hour.

Find out more about this bidet here. (link to Amazon)

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

Bio Bidet has swiftly risen through the ranks of bidet manufacturers to become a market stalwart.

When people buy a bidet from this brand, they know that they are getting their money’s worth and not settling for anything.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Bidet
Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Bidet 

The BB2000 is one of the models that Bio Bidet is quite proud of.

It has some of the most amazing features that you may want in your bidet, aside from seat warming.

You can buy this model with blind trust if you are looking for a bidet of high quality that fulfills all your needs.

Its range of features are:

Adjustable heated seat: The BB200 provides seat warming, which is not news.

But what is great about it is that in spite of being on the lower side of mid-range bidets, it provides temperature control of the seat warming feature.

Four functions in one wand: The bidet provides four kinds of washes from the same wand.

It has the posterior wash, feminine wash, vortex wash for intensive cleaning, and Hydro Flush wash for self-cleaning the nozzles.

Two-in-one controls: It is not uncommon for some people to prefer remote control while others being more comfortable with a side control panel.

If you do not want to compromise on either front, the BB2000 has your back, with both wireless remote control and a night-lit side panel.

Eco-friendly use: The BB2000 has an Energy Save mode.

This not only consumes power more efficiently, saving your money but also helps reduce environmental exploitation, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Hybrid water heating system: The advanced water heating system of the Bio Bidet BB2000 ensures that you get a continuous stream of warm water throughout the period that you are using the toilet.

Long warranty period: Unlike most bidet companies that only provide a one-year warranty, Bio Bidet provides a whopping three-year warranty on its BB2000.

This goes on to prove the quality of this model.

Explore more about this bidet on Amazon.

BidetMate 2000 Series Electric Heated Seat Bidet

BidetMate is a company that started with the bold objective of dispelling the myths behind using a bidet.

Its aim was and is to introduce people to a better, safer, more comfortable way of cleaning after using the toilet.

BidetMate 2000 Series Electric Heated Seat Bidet
BidetMate 2000 Series Electric Heated Seat Bidet

This is exactly what BideMate wishes to accomplish with its 2000 series.

This series of bidets were made with the sole purpose of making cleaning after using the toilet a convenient, clean, and comfortable affair. 

The features that contribute to this are:

Comfortable seat warming: BidetMate wants to make using the toilet a comfortable experience.

To that end, it has added the feature of seat warming to the 2000 series bidets so that people can be comfortable throughout the process.

Soothing, cleansing wash: The BidetMate 2000 provides the most amazing, cleansing wash that leaves you feeling refreshed.

It is especially soothing for people with hemorrhoids, fissures, chronic UTIs, and IBS.

A range of wash modes: With the BidetMate 2000, you get more washing modes than any other bidet in its range.

Some of the wash modes it provides are power wash, aerated, feminine, pulse, massage, and child wash, each optimized to suit the function.

Powerful air deodorizer: BidetMate utilizes a charcoal honeycomb air deodorizer that eliminates any foul-smelling gases and neutralizes all unpleasant odors, making it less embarrassing for the current user and less unpleasant for the next.

Instant and unlimited hot water: The BidetMate 2000 series bidet can provide warm water the instant you ask for it. Moreover, it supplies unlimited hot water for as long as you need.

Range of options: The 2000 series of bidets come in a range of shape and control options to fulfill the needs of all kinds of bidet users.

There is the classic elongated bidet with remote control, the elongated bidet with control panel, and the round bidet with control panel.

Check it latest price on Amazon.

ALPHA JX Elongated Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

Alpha knows well how to make bidets that will be a pleasure for people to use.

It knows the right features to add, the right designs to use, and the right way to make its bidets perfect for all kinds of users.

ALPHA JX Elongated Heated Bidet Toilet Seat
ALPHA JX Elongated Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

The Alpha JX is no different. It is built to be an asset in any modern bathroom.

The bidet adds a touch of sophistication to your smart toilet and makes the experience comfortable and pleasant for everyone.

Its most mention-worthy features besides seat warming are:

Tankless on-demand water heating: Very few bidets in the low-range budget are able to boast about having tankless water heating.

Not only that, but you get it instantly, on-demand. So forget having to wait for the water to heat up.

Sophisticated night light: The Alpha JX uses a white LED nightlight to make using the toilet in the dark easier.

But, more importantly, it includes ambient light sensors, so you do not have to manually turn on the light when it is dark.

User-friendly operation: The operation of this bidet is easy and user-friendly, so even kids and elders will have no problem using it.

Its best feature includes the two in-built, one-touch washes, the “Wash & Dry” and the “Easy Wash”.

Optimum design: A sleek, modernistic design is something a lot of bidets can boast about.

But the Alpha JX proves it too, in that it fits even most one-piece toilets commonly found.

Quiet operation: The Alpha JX is not a noisy bidet.

It operates quietly, from the water stream to the opening and closing of the lid.

The world no longer has to know you are using the toilet.

Sturdy design: The Alpha JX not only has beauty but it has got brawn too.

The bidet has a robust, durable body that can withstand years of use without getting battered or malfunctioning.

Find out more about this bidet on Amazon.

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

Brondell knows well how to make its bidets.

The brand is popular because it provides exactly what people need and want in their bidets.

It has some of the most in-demand models in its catalog.

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat
Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat 

The Brondell Swash 1400 is one such model.

It is a mid-range bidet but the features it packs in are worthy of being seen in any luxury bidet model.

If you want value for your money without having to compromise for any of your priorities, this is the model to choose.

You get the following features in this bidet:

Controllable seat temperature: The Swash 1400 not only provides comfortable and optimum seat warming but also allows you to control the temperature of the seat.

Now you can have the seat warmed exactly to the point that you like.

Endless setting combinations: There are so many features and settings on the Brondell Swash 1400 that you can obtain a large number of combinations to get exactly the one that suits you.

Auto mode: Besides the many combinations you can obtain, you can also save two of these in the user memory settings.

Apart from that, there is an auto mode that provides a complete cycle of comprehensive washing and drying with just one touch.

Easy to install: The Brondell Swash 1400, like all the others in the Swash series, comes with an easy installation mechanism that allows you to do it yourself in less than an hour and without any help.

Range of design options: Brondell did not want to deprive anyone of the facilities of the Swash 1400.

Hence, it makes the model available in both elongated and round shapes, besides two color options.

Eco-friendly and pocket-friendly: The Brondell Swash not only helps prevent environmental damage by reducing the usage of toilet paper but also uses water and consumes power efficiently to keep your bills in check.

This is nothing if not a win-win situation.

For more information, check it on Amazon.

Temperature Control In Bidet Seat Warming

When you are buying a bidet with seat warming, it is important to make sure that you get one that has the kind of settings you need.

A bidet can be a lifelong investment if you make the right choice, otherwise, you will be stuck with a space-eating apparatus that is nothing more than a few hundred dollars down the toilet.

The first thing you must check about the seat warming feature is the temperature range it provides.

If the range is in a region that is either too hot or too cold for you, there is no meaning in getting it.

After all, you would have no use of the feature then.

At the same time, if you have found a bidet that has the most suitable temperature range for seat warming, it is important to ensure that it also has a sufficient number of temperature settings.

If the temperature range is high but there are too few changeable settings, you may not ever find just the right temperature to set the seat to.

An optimum balance between temperature range and the number of settings is essential for the perfect experience.


A good bidet can last you a lifetime. But finding a bidet that is able to fulfill this can be tough.

You must be very careful when choosing which features to get and what kind of settings that feature should have.

This includes the feature of seat warming too. This guide should help you make the right decisions and choices for the same.


Do bidets have heated seats?

Yes, bidets do have heated seats. Most bidets nowadays, even the low-range ones, come with the seat warming feature. A simple search online or even in physical shops will give you multiple choices for bidets with heated seats.

Are heated toilet seats worth it?

Heated toilet bidet seats are absolutely worth the few extra bucks that you spend on them. Going to the toilet no longer remains an unpleasant or inconvenient experience, especially during the winter months when the cold toilet seat can give you a jump scare.

Are heated toilet seats dangerous?

Well-maintained heated bidet seats are not at all dangerous. You should always buy bidets with seat warming from reputed companies that guarantee electricity safety. If you can maintain the bidet correctly, it should pose no danger at all.

How much power does a heated toilet seat use?

Heated toilet bidet seats, unlike what people believe, do not consume much more power than a standard electric bidet does. The average power consumption of a very efficient bidet is 14kWh/month which costs around 1.90$ per month. The least efficient bidet could consume about 150 kWh/month(~20$). Thus you can use seat warming without having to worry about surging power consumption.

How much does it cost to run a heated toilet seat?

Toilet seat warming in bidets doesn’t consume much electricity. The average cost of running a heated toilet seat bidet is around 5 to 10$ per month. Do not expect to see more than a few dollars’ rise in your power bill due to this feature in a bidet.

Why do people like heated toilet seats?

Heated toilet bidet seats provide a lot of advantages. You do not have to have your backside touch the chilling toilet seat, especially in winter, which is why people love this feature so much. Plus the heated seat provides a therapeutic massage when sitting.

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